New USA Visa Application Now Asks For Your Social Media History…….

New USA Visa Application Now Asks For Your Social Media History…….

The US State Department has issued a supplemental form for those who need a Visa to enter the USA.    Though it is not breaking news since the State Department said previously that they were heading in this direction, it is now part of the process to gain entry to the states.

Not everyone applying for a Visa will be required to submit this supplement.   According to the Federal Register, it is expected that this supplement may affect 65,000 Visa applicants.

The form itself is quite clear in terms of what information is needed:

  • Personal history, including passport info and countries visited over the last 15 years.
  • Information on siblings and spouses.
  • All of your email addresses over the past 5 years, including personal, work, and educational addresses.
  • All of your social media handles and aliases over the past 5 years.
  • Employment history over the past 15 years.


In looking at the fine print, it appears that this form is set to expire in November 2017.   The State Department offers no information as to whether or not this enhanced screening will continue beyond the expiry of this form.     Normally forms like this are approved by the US Office of Management and Budget (OMB) are valid for 3 years.

With this form only being valid until November, I can’t help but think it’s a temporary measure put in place by the White House on heels of their strategy to temporarily increase scrutiny on those wishing to enter the country.


BREAKING:  US Dept. Of Transportation Approves Cuba Service From These Cities…..

BREAKING: US Dept. Of Transportation Approves Cuba Service From These Cities…..

In news released by the US DOT, it appears that we have a list of cities that will be able to fly to Cuba from the USA beginning this fall.

According to the news, Philadelphia, Chicago, Minneapolis, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale are the initial cities on the ‘approved’ list.    According to the DOT, it paves the way for 10 roundtrips to operate daily between the US and Cuba.

Approved carriers thus far include American, JetBlue, Frontier, Silver Airways, Southwest, and Sun Country.

This announcement has no bearing on charter flights that already operate to Cuba.


LUFTHANSA Eurowings / CityLine Announcements For USA Market

LUFTHANSA Eurowings / CityLine Announcements For USA Market

Over the past few days, Lufthansa has released several announcements as it relates to their CityLine and Eurowings operations in the USA.   Unfortunately most of the announcements dealt with delays in service.

To start things off, Lufthansa has delayed the launch of their CityLine service between Frankfurt and San Jose, California.   Flights were to begin on April 29 but have now been delayed until July 1.   Plans still call for 5 flights per week.

Eurowings service between Cologne and Las Vegas has also been delayed.   Originally set to begin on May 4, service has now been postponed to June 1.    Plans still call for 2 flights per week.

Lastly, LH has announced a change to plans concerning Frankfurt – Atlanta being transferred to CityLine.    Originally LH was going to transfer the route from their mainline division to CityLine in April, and operate it until June.  However the latest update now has CityLine operating the route from March 2 to October 29. 

US Air Force Selects Replacement For ‘Air Force 1’

US Air Force Selects Replacement For ‘Air Force 1’

What has been expected for a while has become official.

The US Air Force has chosen the Boeing 747-8i to replace the existing 747 aircraft that serve as Air Force 1 when flying the President on his appointed rounds.  This comes just in time as Boeing’s 747-8i backlog is diminishing as the final few aircraft are completed.

Know to the military as the VC-25, the current pair of Aircraft that serve as Air Force 1 have been in service for approximately 25 years.  The new planes would enter service in 2017-18 and would start flying the President in 2023 after additional years of testing and retrofit to meet military standards and the installation of the secret systems that would be required.

This will most likely also mean the end of the line for the 747-8i and perhaps the 747 platform in general since Boeing is ramping up their facilities for the 777x and has no plans for a successor 747 model.  There are only a handful of deliveries left for the 747 and no new orders are on the horizon.

At one point, Boeing was thought to have offered Lufthansa a bargain-basement price to purchase additional 747-8i aircraft to sustain the production line.  However nothing came of those negotiations.

The story first broke via Reuters earlier this afternoon.




LUFTHANSA Adds New USA Destination!

LUFTHANSA Adds New USA Destination!

Lufthansa has announced a new gateway city in the USA beginning next fall.

Tampa Bay, Florida becomes the latest addition to Lufthansa’s timetable and will see service from Frankfurt beginning on September 25, 2015.  The new route will be year-round with 5 weekly flights during the summer and 4 weekly flights during the winter.

The departing flight from Frankfurt will be Flight LH482, leaving Frankfurt at 11:00a and arriving in Tampa at 3:50p.  The return flight will be LH483, departing Tampa at 5:20p and arriving in Frankfurt the following morning at 8:45a.   Flight time will be approximately 11 hours.

The route will be flown by a 3-class A340 so passengers can choose from  Business, Premium Economy or Economy bookings.

The fares are already loaded on are now ‘bookable’!