In this month’s edition of Lufthansa’s ‘Magazin’ App, Lufthansa gives us a behind the scenes tour of it’s fleet of aircraft. This “special edition issue” of the monthly electronic magazine walks readers through each of the 16 different type of aircraft currently in the Lufthansa fleet, including the iconic and still-operational Ju52.

Some of the great features in this issue include 360-degree panoramic views of cockpits and cabins, seat maps and description for each aircraft type that Lufthansa flies. The photos, as always, are fantastic and are unique to the App. You probably won’t find the photographs any where else.

Here are some screen shots from the FLEET SPECIAL edition of ‘Magazin’:

A thorough "virtual tour" is available for each aircraft type in the Lufthansa fleet

An example of a seat map illustration

An example of a 360 degree panoramic tour of a cabin (748's First Class cabin shown)

In addition to great photography and useful information, the app also has behind scenes perspectives for each of the aircraft. Focuses on maintenance, technology and human interest perspectives are found throughout the app.

An interesting feature of the FLEET SPECIAL issue is that it integrates scenes from the ‘Miniatur World’ located in Hamburg. Miniatur World is a fascinating place where you can see miniaturized worlds including a fantastic airport located in fictional “Knuffingen”. If you recall, I wrote about it a while back and you can learn more about it here.

I normally never suggest what anyone HAS to do when it comes to ideas and topics that I cover. But in this case, if you are a fan of aircraft and a fan of Lufthansa, you really should subscribe to the ‘Magazin’ App (it’s free) and enjoy some of the great content that is in there. This FLEET SPECIAL should provide that motivation!

I’ve made it easy:

Here is the link to the Apple App Store for Lufthansa Magazin