Austrian has recently announced its long awaited 90 million Euro update to it’s long haul cabins and it looks to be a major improvement over the current product. All 10 long haul aircraft (777’s and 767’s) will go through the overhaul in coming months with the first aircraft, a 767, slated for the upgrades in late November.

With the refresh, each aircraft will be renovated with new Economy and Business Class seating along with a new Inflight Entertainment System.

According to Austrian’s CEO Jaan Albrecht, “We are investing over 90 million euros. I view that as an important investment in the future of Austrian Airlines,” and “The software, the warm and charming service we offer on board, has always been unique. When it came to the hardware, however, there was clearly room for improvement. Now, both software and hardware match up to our high standards.”

According to Austrian, it will take up to 6 weeks for each aircraft to be refitted, so it makes perfect sense to start the project during the winter when timetables are reduced, freeing up aircraft to be taken off line. The ten aircraft are slated to be updated by Spring of 2013.

I’m looking forward to the look of the new cabin and flying it next year. Considering that approximately 1.1 million passengers on 5,500 flights travel annually on long haul Austrian aircraft, I think a lot of people will be pleasantly surprised when they board an Austrian aircraft next year!

Business Class Seat Highlights:

-Full “Lay Flat” design.
-Air Cushion System allows passenger to adjust seat firmness.
-Arm Rests are retractable allowing seat to expand from 51cm (20 inches) wide to 60cm (24 inches wide).
-38cm (15 inch) video screens.

Photo’s Courtesy Of Austrian:

Economy Seat Highlights:

– When reclining the seat, the lower part of the seat slides forward creating a more comfortable “resting” position.
– Seat pitch will be 79cm (31 inches) and seats will recline 6 degrees.
– Economy Class video screens will be 23cm (9 inches).
– Seating layout will be 3-4-3 on the 777 and 2-3-2 on the 767

The color scheme of the aircraft interior will be red, white and light blue — following traditional AUSTRIAN colors.