After spending yet more time at observation points at Los Angeles International prior to heading for home after visiting family, I managed to capture another few hundred images. On my final day in Los Angeles, I split a few hours between the popular In-N-Out location and the Imperial Hill Observation area. I’m glad I did since I was able to spot airlines and aircraft that I had not seen on my 2 other “sessions” at LAX. This is the final installment of photos from what had easily been my greatest plane spotting experience.

If you missed my previous Plane Spotting Posts, you can find them here: Part I and Part II

Alitalia in Skyteam livery

ANA Boeing 777 Arrives From Tokyo

Arriving from Seoul, South Korea

Arriving from Hong Kong

Air France Airbus A380

A bit blurry due to heat "haze" from runway.

Departing for Seoul, South Korea

Cathay's Boeing 777

EVA's Cargo flight departs

No "Marine Layer" haze allowed for some great shots.....

Emirates Boeing 777

Emirates continuing it's climb

No plane spotting session is complete without a Lufthansa 747!

Destination: Frankfurt

A very light FEDEX climbs steeply

MASAIR's Boeing 767

THAI's Boeing 777 arrives from Bangkok

....And departs for Bangkok a few hours later.

Singapore's Airbus A380