Speaking yesterday in Frankfurt, Lufthansa Cargo’s Board Member Andreas Otto shared his insights on 2012 as well as a look forward to 2013.

In his comments, Herr Otto suggested that Lufthansa Cargo will end the year with a profit. Lufthansa Cargo has already recognized a €66 million operating profit for the first 3 quarters of 2012. He cited a challenging environment in Europe that prevented better performance including the Night Flight Ban in place at Frankfurt am Main has cost Lufthansa Cargo €40 million in additional revenue for 2012.

Additionally, Lufthansa Cargo expects to transport approximately 1.7 million tons of cargo during 2012, split evenly between it’s own fleet and Lufthansa’s passenger aircraft.

Looking forward, Lufthansa Cargo will take delivery of 2 777 Freighters sometime in Q4 of 2013, with 2 more in 2014, and 1 in 2015. They have an option for 5 more 777F’s beyond the initial order.

Otto also stated that cargo capacity will be maintained at currently levels at least through the 1st quarter of 2013. Lufthansa Cargo expects their business to see modest improvement in 2013, growing by 2 to 3%. They are also optimistic about 2014 as economic conditions around the world are expected to improve further.

In all, Lufthansa Cargo has maintained it’s place as Europe’s largest Air Cargo operator, and was among the very few air cargo companies in Europe that recognized a profitable 2012.

Source: Reuters