Earlier this evening Lufthansa introduced a fantastic new social media application in conjunction with “foursquare” and Facebook which will allow Lufthansa “loyalists” to receive badges, coupons and promotional opportunities when they use “foursquare” to check in during their Lufthansa based travels.

For those of you not familiar with “foursquare”, they are one of the leading social media companies who’s applications allow for users to “check in” at various locations throughout their everyday lives and earn points, badges, discounts and special offers from the vendors that they frequent. Users earn points and rewards based on their activity and can share their accomplishments as well as invite others from their various “Social Media” networks such as Facebook. foursquare also allows you to provide recommendations on the places you’ve visited so that other foursquare users can benefit from your advice. To learn more about foursquare and to set up your foursquare account, please visit their website to get started. You’ll need to be a foursquare user to take advantage of “Blue Legends”. foursquare has applications available for smartphones, iPads, etc. giving you the ability to “check in” from literally anywhere in the world. A nice feature with “Blue Legends” is it’s ability to be accessed from a laptop or desktop, so you don’t have to have your mobile device with you in order to use “Blue Legends”.

Lufthansa’s partnership with “foursquare” will enable people traveling on Lufthansa flights, using Lufthansa Lounges and traveling through airports that Lufthansa serves to have fantastic opportunities to to earn points, badges and valuable coupons based on their activity.

Lufthansa has actually loaded all of their flights into the foursquare database (approx. 9,000!) so that you will be able to get credit by simply boading a flight and checking in from your seat! You will be able to earn points and badges based on what kind of seat you are in, class of travel, etc. You may even earn a badge or prize for sitting in the middle seat in the back of the plane!

Here’s an excerpt from Lufthansa’s press release that gives some examples of Blue Legend opportunities:

For example, customer’s flying across the Atlantic Ocean can
unlock the “Atlantic Badge” and users can become “Expert Pilots” on the routes they fly most frequently. Early risers who check in before 6 a.m. are awarded the “Early Bird” badge. And, anyone who racks up more than 241,092 miles with Lufthansa will receive the “To the Moon” badge. Badge by badge, regular travelers who check in most frequently to Lufthansa venues can become true “legends of the skies” with Blue Legends.

You’ll also be able to keep track of your friends that are using the “Blue Legends” app and see their Lufthansa based travel activity.

This is Lufthansa’s first major foray into “Location Based Media” which has been very popular with millions of users. I had the opportunity to see this program in a presentation by their social media team on a recent trip to Frankfurt, and I can honestly say this is a “Must Have” application if you are a Lufthansa customer. The badges, coupons and offers that are going to be made available to you are well worth your efforts to sign up for this program. Trust Me!

Signing up is easy. Simply visit the Blue Legends Website, where you’ll need your Facebook account to help you log in and set up your “Blue Legends” account. You can also use Twitter to share with your followers the accomplishments you achieve as a ‘Blue Legend’!

Once you set your account up and customize your profile, all you need to do is to use foursquare as you normally would to check in from a location and “Blue Legends” will take care of the rest. From what I have seen from the design team for “Blue Legends”, there are a lot of exciting and fun opportunities that will be made available to “Blue Legend” users so make sure you take every opportunity to make the most of it!

If you need any help navigating Blue Legends or foursquare, please let me know and I’ll be happy to walk you through it!

By the way, stay tuned for other exciting Lufthansa Social Media announcements in the coming weeks! 🙂

Screenshots and Badges from Blue Legends:

Become the mayor of a long-haul international flight in business class, and you’ll have your own dedicated seat complete with Mayoral appointments:

Your collection of badges will display on your device:

You’ll be able to track your friend’s Blue Legends status:

Examples of some of the many Badges you’ll be able to earn:

Earned by flying on the A380

The Lounge Badge (Intermediate badge earned for your 2nd visit)

Travel Around The World Badge

Travel with a Friend Badge

Visit Berlin to earn this badge

Travel to London earns you this badge

There will be many more surprises in store from Blue Legend members, so make sure to visit the Blue Legends Website and start becoming a Legend!