Lufthansa is still offering a great discount for travel on the Airbus A380 Flagship from JFK in New York City to Munich.

It’s a great opportunity to experience the phenomenal new aircraft that will become the standard of service on Lufthansa. The promotion is in effect for flights between 6 December – 12 December 2011.

I had the opportunity to fly the A380 from JFK to Frankfurt in September as part of the Star Alliance MegaDO event. The aircraft is extremely impressive. It is very quiet and has the latest in technology and passenger conveniences. The most interesting feature in my opinion is the various external cameras that are available to passengers during the entire flight. You have a chance to see the aircraft’s take off roll, full flight, landing and taxi to the gate thanks to these cameras. For an airplane/airline hobbyist, its a great new addition to the passenger experience.

An A380 to Munich is rare and this promotion is for a very limited time. The largest aircraft until now that have graced MUC is the Airbus A340 series so you can be part of a rare group of people to be among the first to fly to MUC on the A380!

CLICK HERE to be taken to Lufthansa’s website for more details on this opportunity.