Last week a new book , “Lufthansa +Graphic Design”, was finally released (I had preordered my copy in February so it felt like a long wait!) and it was worth the wait if you are a fan of Lufthansa or aviation marketing in general.

Authors Jens Müller and Karen Weiland take a VERY DETAILED look at the evolution of Lufthansa’s brand design and aesthetics behind their advertising. The book provides the reader with an in depth look at how design elements were developed and implemented. Among other things, this included potential variations to the iconic Crane logo as well as the kind of font Lufthansa would use. Also discussed are various marketing campaigns and advertising agencies that were used over the decades.

The book goes into very good detail about the “why” and “what” behind the graphic designs that Lufthansa has used over the years. It goes as far as even looking at the design decisions that went into boarding passes, checked luggage tags and other various Lufthansa “stationery”. It also discusses decisions made regarding the various liveries that Lufthansa has used over the years. Even the not so successful ones.

An additional bonus of the book is the section that has all of Lufthansa’s travel posters and other marketing material that have been used since the airline’s first days. This is a fantastic reference for the Lufthansa memorabilia collector since it can be used as a checklist.

After reading the book this week, I have an entirely different appreciation for what goes into the design and testing of an airline’s image, brand and marketing. It’s certainly a never ending process. If you have ever thought why an airline uses a certain font or design concept, pick up a copy of this book, I think you’ll enjoy the read.

I ordered mine from Amazon but for some reason it is currently showing as shipping in 1-3 months. I’m not sure if that is an error or if they have sold out. I have also seen the book available on eBay as well.