Earlier today, SWISS’ latest A320 was put into revenue service when it flew from Zurich to Geneva.   This aircraft, registration number HB-JLT, becomes the 38th A320 type (including A319/320/321) to join the SWISS fleet.

What is unique about this aircraft is that it is SWISS’ first A320 equipped with ‘Sharklets’ which are installed off of the aircraft’s wingtips.   The sharklets mimic the wingtips of birds and have been proven to increased an aircraft’s efficiency.   This is second Sharklet equipped Airbus to join the Lufthansa Group Fleet.  A few weeks ago, Lufthansa took delivery of it’s first Sharklet-equipped A320.

The Sharklets on Airbus’ A320s stand approximately 8 feet tall and have been proven to reduce fuel burn by 1 to 4%, with an equivalent reduction in carbon emissions.   When you take into consideration the amount of flights that a typical A320 will operate during its lifetime, this efficiency translates translates into thousands, if not millions of  dollars in fuel savings and considerable decrease in pollution being generated by the aircraft.  According to Airbus, the emissions would be reduced by 1000 tons per year per aircraft or the equivalent of the pollution created by 200 automobiles.

Not bad for a pair of 8 foot attachments to an aircraft’s wing.