Barclay’s Premier Miles & More World MasterCard 50k Miles ‘Deal’ Enters Its Last Month

Barclay’s Premier Miles & More World MasterCard 50k Miles ‘Deal’ Enters Its Last Month

Normally you don’t see me writing much about credit card offers and how to manipulate or maximize every little feature that they offer.   I leave that to the blogosphere at large to take care of these things.

However there is one offer that I wanted to remind you of since it expires soon.  For those of you who have been sitting on the fence regarding Barclay’s Premier Miles & More World MasterCard, please be aware that the deal to earn up to 50,000 miles for your ‘M&M’ account will come to  an end at the end of June.

If you missed Barclay’s initial announcement regarding the limited time offer, here are the details:


This deal actually dovetails perfectly into Lufthansa’s Meilenschnaeppchen program where each month new deals are offered where you can book travel through your Miles & More account for only 50% of the required miles.   For example, a Business Class ticket redemption between the USA and Europe generally ‘costs’ 105,000 miles.   Via Meilenschnaeppchen, you can find specials for Business Class tickets for only 55,000 miles (plus taxes, etc).


When you consider how easy it is to earn the 50,000 miles via the Premier Miles & More World MasterCard, you automatically will earn enough miles for a Business Class ticket through Meilenschnaeppchen:


20,000 miles after first use of card + 30,000 miles after spending $5000 + 1 mile per dollar on the $5000 you put on the card to reach the spending threshold  = 55,000 miles (aka Business Class Ticket!).


To me this is an absolute no-brainer!


As far as other redemption options from Miles & More, there are other attractive ways to use your miles.    For example, roundtrip economy class tickets for travel originating in the USA have the following redemption schedule:

  • Within the USA: 25,000 Miles.

  • Within North American: 30,000 Miles.

  • To Europe: 50,000 Miles.

  • To South America:  60,000 Miles.

  • To Asia or Australia: 80,000 Miles.


As I stated earlier, I typically do not write much about credit card offers as a normal part of LufthansaFlyer’s content but when I see a deal that I think is GENUINELY a good one, and one that I take advantage of myself, I will let you know about it.  This is one of them! (LHF) may from time to time engage in affiliate relationships that provide a finder’s fee or commission should someone utilize a link provided by LHF for a product or service.    LHF assumes no responsibility or liability as a result of the decision and/or outcomes resulting from the actions of those utilizing the links provided by     Thank you in advance for your support of!