Miles & More USA Promo:  SIXT Car Rental – 1500 miles, Free GPS, and 15% Off!

Miles & More USA Promo: SIXT Car Rental – 1500 miles, Free GPS, and 15% Off!

If you didn’t see your Miles & More monthly newsletter/email last week, you missed a decent deal coming from SIXT Car Rentals.

Between now and August 31, 2015 when you rent from SIXT in the USA you will be credited with 1500 Miles & More miles instead of the standard 500 mile award.  In addition, you’ll receive a free GPS unit for your vehicle if the car does not have it as standard equipment.  Another bonus is that SIXT is also discounting the daily rate by 15% as part of this promo.

This is a targeted offer and the only link that provides this discount is the one that you will find in your newsletter.   I’ve tried finding the link on the Miles & More website as well as Sixt’s website, but to no avail.  You’ll need to dig out that email!

For those of you unfamiliar with SIXT, they are a German based car rental company that has expanded to the USA.   They have a modest presence in the states and are typically in larger cities, near their airports.    I’ve used them several times this year and have had a good experience each time.

What sets them apart from car rental agencies that we are used to is that Sixt offers high end vehicles from Mercedes, Audi and BMW for prices that are similar to what other agencies charge for standard ‘fleet car’ type rentals.   This was the primary reason for me to change car rental loyalties to Sixt.   For those of you accustomed to driving nicer Euro cars, SIXT makes for a great alternative… me!

For example, I’ll typically rent a BMW 5 or Mercedes E class and will wind up paying just $40-$75/day.    Sometimes you have to ‘stalk’ the rate and may need to lock it in at higher rates ($100-$150) when you first book a car, but I find that about 7-10 days before the rental is to start, I can rebook at a much lower rate.

So check your email and take advantage of the attractive deal!