I’ve had the opportunity to visit Lufthansa’s First Class Terminal on many occassions but usually chose not to take pictures for a couple of reasons.  One, I did not want to look like some star-struck tourist and second, I’m not a big fan of violating the privacy of other Lounge visitors.   Not to mention, Lufthansa’s policy specifically states that photography in their lounges is not allowed.

On my last trip to the ‘FCT’, I reached out to my contact who runs First Class Services and asked for formal permission to take photos specifically for an upcoming magazine article and for my website.   Permission was granted, however I had to ensure that no passengers would be in the photographs.

For those of you familiar with FCT, you’ll realize that the photos below do not capture the entire FCT experience.   Missing are photos of the Cigar Lounge and one seating area because passengers were present.  These pictures were taken in the late afternoon prior to boarding a flight to Hong Kong so the Terminal was mostly empty so that allowed me to capture most of it.   Also not photographed is the Security Screening area on the main level and the lower level where the Immigration Officer is located.   For Security reasons these places cannot be photographed.

Additionally, I have included a video in the gallery from another trip showing the car ride from the terminal to the aircraft.