In part two of this multi-part series covering my recent trip to the Dulini Private Game Reserve in the Sabi Sands region of South Africa, I’ll share the images that I was fortunate to capture showing a Leopard and her prey.   We found this Leopard, known to the locals as Xikavi with her prized Impala that she hunted successfully, nestled safely in a tree.   Leopards will typically ‘tree’ the carcass of their victim in order to protect themselves and the meat from opportunistic parasites such as Hyenas and Wild Dogs.    Since Hyenas and Dogs hunt and travel in packs, a Leopard would be no match and would be risking her own life in protecting the carcass.  You’ll see below how a Hyena stands ready to benefit from any scraps that would fall from the tree.

Fair Warning…..The images below are quite candid and show in detail how a Leopard feasts on the carcass and they may not be for everyone.   These images were caught at last light using a Nikon D800 and a Sigma 150-500 (which proved to be a brilliant combo for the Safari).   Fortunately the camera’s bells and whistles really helped maximize the moment.  For you pixel-peepers, I did not do much with noise reduction in order to save time and the get photos ready for this post.

I leave the captions to you…..


a leopard eating a deer in a tree



a cheetah eating a deer in a tree


a leopard eating a carcass of a deer


a cheetah eating a carcass of a animal


a cheetah eating a carcass in a tree


a leopard in a tree with a deer in it


a leopard in a tree


a hyena in the woods

The opportunistic Hyena is waiting for any scraps…you’ll notice a small bit behind her left shoulder…..


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