Picking up where I left off from Scenes From Safari: Part I, here are several more moments from our Safari trip to Dulini last week.

In addition to the photos, I’ve included a video clip showing an Elephant introducing her baby calf for the first time to the ‘public’.   It’s only a week old!

Not much else to say, other than enjoy the photos!


a bird on a branch

Southern Red-Billed Hornbill

a group of lions lying down in the grass

‘Majingilane’ Coalition Males take time to rest with their Othawa Pride Lionesses

a zebras and giraffe in a grassy field

A moment with Zebras ruined by a Photo-bombing Giraffe

a giraffes standing in the woods


a lion lying down in the grass

Othawa Lioness taking a break from her cubs……

a deer standing in grass

This little Duiker shows off his Mohawk……

a leopard lying in the grass

‘Dayone’ looks a bit tired after a long day.

a lioness licking another lioness

An Othawa Lioness loves up her cubs….

a bird flying over a river

A Vulture comes in a bit too steep…..

an elephant eating leaves from a tree

Part of the 300 pounds of food that will be eaten today by this Elephant…..

a cheetah sitting next to a deer

Cheetah takes a breather after a successful hunt….

a cheetah biting a gazelle

Moving dinner to a safe spot….

a cheetah lying on the ground with a deer

Now he can rest for a minute before Hyenas threaten his catch


And as mentioned before, here is the video debuting the new-born Elephant:


a screenshot of a computer