2018 24 Hours of Le Mans…11,000 Photos Worth!

2018 24 Hours of Le Mans…11,000 Photos Worth!

Spent most of last week attending the 24 Hours Of Le Mans with my cameras glued to my eyes.   In all, taking home over 11,000 images to sort through.    For those of you who are motor or gearheads I strongly encourage you to go.   It’s a collection of over 200,000 race fans gathered for one common cause.   Friendly fans, fantastic action, and it leaves you wanting to come back.

The only minor criticism that I have is the sheer lack of English-speaking help that is available at the track.     With 10s of thousands of fans from the US and UK and other parts of the world, it would be nice if the guides at important places around the track knew more than French.  I understand that it’s France and they don’t have to speak another country’s language but for such an international event, they could bend their rules.   But I digress.

So, here is the first batch of photos….there will be many of them, many many, so if you like motorsports keep checking back.  If you are not a fan of fast cars and fantastic racing, you have my sympathies.

An 8 second exposure capturing the run from Dunlop Bridge down to Terte Rouge. 2 LMP2 Cars provided the side by side light trails.



Off To The Races Next Week:   Le Mans, Normandy, and Other Stops…..

Off To The Races Next Week: Le Mans, Normandy, and Other Stops…..

For the 5 of you that visit LufthansaFlyer.com regularly, apologies for the recent absence as I have been uber-busy with the real world career as well as covering a few motorsport events in my ‘neighborhood’.

However, that will change next week as I pack up the cameras and lenses and head for my first invasion of France to attend the 24 Hours of Le Mans.     As a ‘car guy’ it is one of those ‘must do’ bucket list items so off I go.

Never having been there, I’ve spent an unusually large amount of time on the due diligence so that I’m in the best positions at the best times.    I’ve gone as far as memorizing sunrise and sunset times and have a small note pad full of notes from other photographers who have shot there.    I look forward to the 2 or 3 sleepless days from Friday through Sunday afternoon.   I’m hoping for a little bit of rain during the overnight hours to catch some striking images.

After the race, I head to Bayeux which will act as my staging area for visiting the War Memorials and historic points of interest around the various beaches used by American, Canadian, and British forces during their landings at Normandy.    For me, the visit to Normandy will most likely wind up being the most meaningful part of the trip.

As far as my travels are concerned, I’ll be experiencing SAS Business Class for the first time on my outbound flights and will once again enjoy the great Business Class product that LOT Polish Airlines offers for my flights home.

So if you’re a car guy or gal, or a student of WW2, stay tuned during the next 2 weeks as I’ll have a lot of things to share.



Lufthansa Unveils Premium Economy Amenity Kits And Introduces New First Class Kit….

Lufthansa Unveils Premium Economy Amenity Kits And Introduces New First Class Kit….

Lufthansa finally went public with new enhancements to their amenity kits after first unveiling them internally a few months ago in Frankfurt.    I had been asked to not talk about them until they were ready for introduction, and that time has arrived.

First off, LH has introduced an amenity kit specifically for Premium Economy passengers.   The kit is basically a durable plastic shopping bag that can be used for a variety of purposes after a flight.    Lufthansa felt the kit needed to be something that can be used by passengers even after their travel to make it that much more effective.

The uniqueness of this kit is that the bags will be a collection of 5 unique designs each focusing on a Lufthansa destination.    For the first batch of collectable bags,  Paris, Berlin, New York, Frankfurt, and San Francisco are featured.   Each of these bags will carry a unique symbol of the city such as the Statue of Liberty for NY, the Golden Gate Bridge for ‘SFO’, etc.

The plan for the Premium Eco kit is to introduce additional designs with more cities when future kits are released.    LH hopes this also creates interaction among passengers who might want to trade with each other as they collect the various bags.

Look for the bags to be on board by July.


Courtesy: Lufthansa



Courtesy: Lufthansa

The First Class kit also gets a serious upgrade.   The new kits are provided by ‘Windsor’ and feature an attractive Leather case which can be used for other purposes once it is no longer used as an amenity kit.

The lady’s case is designed to be carried as purse thanks to the leather shoulder strap that comes with it.   The men’s kit does not come with the strap but can serve nicely as a shaving kit case or to hold cables and charges.

The initial kit colors are a light creme for the female kit and a dark brown for the men and will be given to passengers during the summer.  In the fall and winter the kits will get a color revamp and as far as my understanding goes, the female kit will be brown, while the men’s kit will be a dark green.

Here is a look at the Ladies kit coming for the fall/winter season:

The Ladies kit for the Fall/Winter season. I had gotten a glimpse of it earlier this year while the kit was undergoing development.

The new First Class kits are available now on most LH long haul flights.