To continue with my Dulini Lodge trip reports, Part IV will be comprised solely of a Cheetah that within a few minutes managed to share several facial expressions.   We came across her during an early morning Game Drive in the Sabi Sand Game Reserve and followed her for the better part of an hour.   We were hoping for a hunt, but she had other ideas such as simply laying comfortably under a tree  entertaining the ‘tourists’.   Nevertheless I came away with several shots capturing her many expressions some of which are perhaps my favorite shots from the entire Safari.

You’ll notice in these photographs that I used Dulini’s logo as a watermark.   The reason for this is that I had given permission to the Lodge to use these photos on their website, Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media outlets so instead of reprocessing the photos to have my ‘Aero-Shots’ watermark, I simply kept Dulini’s to save some time.

To get caught up on my previous Safari Posts, here’s is the index:

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I was hoping this stare was a precursor to a hunt but unfortunately it did not turn out that way. However this photo was voted as “Best Of Safari” by Mrs. LHFlyer.







For a moment, I thought she saw something of interest other than myself…..



Not exactly demonstrating her ‘Fastest Animal In The World’ capabilities…..





She must be bored by now….


My favorite expression of all the shots.





Ominous threat? Not hardly, just a well drawn out yawn…..