Part 7 continues with more photos that I though were worth sharing from our recent Safari trip.    You’ll find below photos from a wide variety of critters including Giraffes, Leopards, Rhinos, Cheetahs and a few birds.   After the photos, there’s a short video showing an adolescent Elephant greeting our vehicle…..

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a bird flying over a field of grass

A rare daytime sighting of a Night Heron

a bird standing in a puddle

A Hamerkop (left) and a male Saddle Bill Stork share a watering hole…..

a lion in the grass

A Majingilane Pride Lion, nicknamed ‘Scar Nose’ puts his ‘hair’ into the wind……

a hyena with its baby

Hyena siblings enjoying a moment……..

a rhinoceros with mud on its head

A young Rhino hones his horn on the post…..

a giraffe with its head in the air

A Giraffe leans in to see what I was doing……

a hippo in the water

A suspcicious Hippo finally came up after spending 5 minutes under water.

a moon in the sky

Capturing a moonrise behind a Leadwood tree with Stars in the background.

a leopard looking at the camera

A Leopard is not distracted by having her photo taken……

a cheetah standing in grass

A male Cheetah looking towards a herd of opportunity.

a rhino lying in the grass

This elder Rhino is missing a fantastic sunrise……

a crocodile in the water

This Crocodile is leaving after being beaten in a fight by an even larger Croc.

a bird on a branch

A Gray Hornbill sits in the highest tree he could find…..

a leopard lying in the grass

Another Leopard takes a pause after a succuessful hunt (notice the blood on his shoulders?)



a gingerbread man with a smile and a hand raised