Mid-East Laptop / Electronics Ban Lifted Completely

Mid-East Laptop / Electronics Ban Lifted Completely

The State Department announced on Monday that it had lifted Laptop restrictions on flights departing Saudi Arabia, marking the final country and cities that were impacted by the months old ban.

With Monday’s announcement, Jeddah and Riyadh were removed.

For all of the airports that were impacted the ban, they have until July 19 to increase screening for explosives.   In addition, the airports have 120 days into install other screening techniques in order to be compliant with rules imposed by the TSA and State Department.  Otherwise the ban will be put back in place on non-compliant airports.


Thrill Seeker Meets Tragedy At Princess Juliana Airport

Thrill Seeker Meets Tragedy At Princess Juliana Airport

Almost anyone with a passion for aviation knows about Princess Juliana Airport located on the Dutch side of St. Maarten.   Most ‘avgeeks’ see it as a bucket list destination due to the fact that your are literally standing beneath aircraft that are only a few yards overhead as they land at ‘SXM’.    Others enjoy hanging on to the fence at the base of the runway only to be treated to jet thrusts of 747s as the spool up their engines for take off.

Unfortunately, one such thrill seeker was killed yesterday when she attempted to hang on to the fence during the take off of a Caribbean Airlines 737.   According to Fox News,  she apparently lost her grip and was thrown from the fence, landing in such a manner that resulted in her death a short time later.

Though tragic for her friends and family, I hope that the airport authorities do not over react to this and create policies that prevent people from pursuing this ‘thrill’.   It’s still on my bucket list and I’m sure it’s on the list of thousands of others that enjoy this sort of thing.

The airport and beach go to long lengths to warn visitors of the potential dangers that exist with being to close to the airport.   Signs are posted along the base of the runway, and common sense can also be helpful.   Hopefully the airport does not over react and ruin an ‘institution’ that has been popular with visitors for decades.

Fortunately, the family of the deceased agreed that what she did was wrong and that she was aware of the risks and signage warning people about the area.

Airport authorities said an investigation will take place to confirm the chain of events that lead to her death.

What are your thoughts?   Should the airport put measures in place to stop the thrill seekers, or allow it to continue at our own risk?

Star Alliance Route Announcements:  June 22 – July 9, 2017

Star Alliance Route Announcements: June 22 – July 9, 2017


Vancouver – Delhi:  Effective October 14 will BEGIN 3x/week service (Seasonal resumption).

Vancouver – Delhi:  Effective October 31 increases from 3x/week to 4x/week.

Vancouver – Delhi:  Effective between December 4 and January 31 increases from 4x/week to 5x/week.



Beijing – Athens:  Effective September 30 will BEGIN 2x/week service (Previously scheduled to start November 1).

Beijing – Jakarta:  Effective November 2 increases from 3x/week to 4x/week.



Auckland – Buenos Aires:   Effective between March 25 and April 30 increases from 3x/week to 4/week.

Auckland – Shanghai:  Effective between January 18 and February 28 increases from 7x/week to 10x/week.



Tokyo (NRT) – Los Angeles:  Effective October 29 increases from 1x/day to 2x/day.



Vienna – Cape Town:  Effective October 27, 2018 will BEGIN 2x/week service.

Vienna – Tokyo (NRT):  Effective May 15, 2018  will BEGIN 5x/week service.



Sao Paulo – Santiago de Chile:  Effective August 7 will BEGIN 2x/day service.



Taipei – Fukuoka:  Effective October 29 increases from 7x/week to 10x/week.



Budapest – Chicago:  Effective May 5, 2018 will BEGIN 2x/week service

Budapest – New York (JFK):  Effective May 3, 2017 will BEGIN 4x/week service.



Frankfurt – Nagoya:  Effective March 25 increases from 3x/week to 5x/week.



Shenzhen – Manila:  Effective August 2 will BEGIN 3x/week service.



Antalya – Tel Aviv:  Effective August 30 will BEGIN 4x/week service.

Trabzon – Yanbu:  Effective June 29 BEGINS 1x/week service (Until September 14).



H/T:  AirlineRoute.net