BRUSSELS Retires Their Final ‘Jumbolino’ / Avro RJ

BRUSSELS Retires Their Final ‘Jumbolino’ / Avro RJ

Last week, Brussels Airlines sent their last ‘Jumbolino’ into retirement when aircraft ‘OO-DWD’ landed in Brussels after a short flight from Geneva.   This last touchdown put an exclamation point on a long and successful career for the ‘AVRO RJ100’ aircraft type in the ‘SN’ fleet.

According to Brussels, the Jumbolino was part of their fleet for 15 years.   32 of them transported 31.5 million passengers over the course of 606,000 flights to 89 destinations.

A friend of mine, FlyerTalk & VFT member ‘Claudi STR’ was fortunate to be on the final flight of the Jumbolino and was kind enough to share some of her photos from the ‘Retirement’ flight.


The last safety briefing aboard the Avro’s last flight

Passengers received a souvenir to mark the retirement flight.

‘OO-DWD’ prepared for boarding her final passengers…

The Avro got its ‘Jumbolino’ nickname due to the fact that it has 4 jet engines, not unlike her much larger relatives like the 747, A380 and A340 aircraft…..


In the past, retired Jumbolinos have found new homes with other airlines as well as being repurposed to serve as fire-fighting aircraft around world.   Though she won’t carry any more passengers for Brussels, there are a lot of hours left on her engines.



SWISS Retires Its Last ‘Jumbolino’

SWISS Retires Its Last ‘Jumbolino’

When flight LX7545 arrived in Zurich after a short hop from Geneva on August 15, it marked the end of an era in SWISS aviation.    With the completion of this flight came the retirement of SWISS’ last Avro RJ100 aircraft, one of 21 that had served SWISS dutifully for 15 years.    In addition to the RJ100, SWISS had also operated 4 of RJ85 variant.

During its 2 decades of service, this workhorse earned the nickname of ‘Jumbolino’ due to the fact that it hung 4 engines from its wings as it sought to imitate much larger aircraft even though it served as a short haul specialist.

SWISS’ last RJ100 arrives to a water cannon salute after completing its final flight. (Photo Credit: SWISS).


According to SWISS, the RJ100 fleet flew over 700,000 hours and operated well over a half-million flights during its successful tenure with the airline.

The retirement of the Jumbolino was primarily due to the addition of Bombardier C-series aircraft to the fleet.   With the C-series, SWISS gains substantial operational improvement and capacity over the RJ100.  Currently there are 10 C-Series (8 of the -100, and 2 of the -300 variant), with plans for 20 more to join the fleet by the end of next year.

3 RJ100s remain in service with Brussels Airlines but their retirement is planned before the end of the year.  Lufthansa Group will no longer operate the aircraft type after SN retires their 3 birds.


Looks Like All The Fun Is Over At Princess Juliana In St. Maarten

Looks Like All The Fun Is Over At Princess Juliana In St. Maarten

I was afraid that this would happen.   Society once again manages to the lowest common denominator.

Weeks after an idiot ignored warnings and her own abilities when she decided to get herself killed by riding the fence at Princess Juliana, it appears that she has ruined it for everyone else.

In a story posted by the ‘St. Maarten News Network‘, plans are being formulated to re-route traffic and make it impossible for tourists and aviation fans to enjoy a pastime that has been in place for decades.   The plan seems to entail rerouting vehicle traffic as well as to move the fencing much further away from the base of the runway, preventing thrill-seekers from hanging on to the fence when a 747 spools up her engines for take off.

I understand that the loss of life might be tragic to the friends and families of the deceased, but why go to the lengths of ruining it for everyone else just because ONE person decided to not pay attention to warnings, or did not know her own capabilities.  

Once again, instead of finding a solution that satisfies everyone, lets just manage to societies lowest common denominator and protect all those fragile snowflakes from themselves.   Why not just ban cars since people die in them all the time?  Airplanes?  yep, ban them too.

While they’re at it, why not just pave the damn beach at the base of the runway and turn it into a parking lot.    You never know when a 747 will touchdown a bit early and plow through a bunch of beach-going bystanders.  Might as well plan for that risk now.

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