LUFTHANSA Europe Sale Features One Way Fares As Low As €35…….2 Days Only!

LUFTHANSA Europe Sale Features One Way Fares As Low As €35…….2 Days Only!

Lufthansa has launched a 48 hour fare sale that significantly discounts fares to most cities in Europe.    Though it’s a marketing gambit to advertise fares as ‘one way’, when you put together 2 one ways to make a roundtrip, the deal is still solid.

For example….

Frankfurt to Barcelona can be had for only €35 each way.    The same goes for Krakow, Catania, and Dublin among others.

Fares from Munich mirror the pricing from Frankfurt so there are several €35 deals from MUC as well.

Outside of the special €35 destinations, most other one way tickets to the rest of Europe range between €50 and €70 which makes the fare sale an attractive proposition in most cases.

This fare sale ends on February 25, 2018 at midnight CET.

Departures need to take place between March 3 and May 15, 2018.   Travel must be completed by May 17, 2018.   A blackout period between March 23 and April 9 is in place (Easter).    Tickets must be purchased 7 days prior to departure.


USA Issues Travel Alert For Travelers Heading To Europe

USA Issues Travel Alert For Travelers Heading To Europe

Citing recent terrorist attacks in France, the UK, Sweden, and Russia, the US State Department today issued an alert asking Americans traveling to Europe to take extra precautions and increase their vigilance during their travels.  The alert is to remain in place until September 1, 2017.

The alert itself cited no specific threat, but simply asks that Americans do their due diligence when traveling in countries that may carry extra risks to visitors.

The text, exactly as released by the State Department on May 1, 2017:


Stop & Smell The Tulips For Only $480………

Stop & Smell The Tulips For Only $480………

Maybe not as catchy as stopping to smell the roses, but Lufthansa has put Amsterdam (and the rest of Europe) on sale for this Spring.

The lowest fare to Amsterdam that I could find is a very attractive $480 from Denver.   From most East Coast gateways to Amsterdam is still attractive in the low $600 range.

Aside from AMS,  Boston (Aboard the A350!!) to Madrid or Barcelona can be booked for only $469.    San Jose to Copenhagen is priced in the mid $600 range.

In fact, most European destinations can be booked for fares ranging between $600-$900 during this promotion.

The sale runs through March 15, 2017.   Departing flights must take place between April 7 and April 30, while return travel must happen by October 30, 2017.    You must purchase your tickets at least 7 days ahead of your departure.