Miles & More Members:  Get 999 Miles For Free, Or 60,000 Miles With A Bit Of Effort

Miles & More Members: Get 999 Miles For Free, Or 60,000 Miles With A Bit Of Effort

Miles and More is currently running 2 promotions with one of their plan partners that gives the opportunity to get valuable miles either for free, or for taking advantage of a subscription service.   But note, you can’t do both!

German newspaper ‘F.A.Z’ or Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung for short is a daily paper that is offering the deals.    The easy and free path is to opt for the 999 miles which requires you to sign up for a free account to access digital content.   With this promo, the sooner you sign up, the more of the 999 miles you’ll earn.    In order to earn all 999 miles you need to sign up by December 8.   If you sign up between December 9 and 22, you’ll only get 899 miles and if you wait to subscribe between December 23 and 31 you’ll only get 599 miles.

The way to to get these miles:

  1.  First, make sure you are logged into you Miles & More account and then access this link.
  2. Once on the promo page, make sure your Miles & More account is set to ‘Germany’ as your location since the offer is only available via the German portal for MM (you can still have English as the language).
  3. Click on the ‘Subscribe Now’ Button in the promo and that will take you the rest of the way to enroll into the program.   With the subscription, you’ll get a 2 week trial to FAZ’s digital content without any further commitment required and you’ll get the 999 miles shortly thereafter.


Now for the 60,000 mile deal:

To get this deal you have to sign up for a year-long subscription to FAZ and have it delivered.   The monthly rate is €69.90 so over the course of the 12 months you’ll shell out about €840.   What you’ll get in return however is 60,000 miles which can be quite valuable since you can book a roundtrip Business Class ticket for 55,000 miles under the Meilenschnaeppchen program.    Keep in mind you’ll most likely need to have a German mailing address for the subscription.   What I’ve done in the past is to send it to a friend as a gift, or perhaps have it sent to a Senior Citizen center, Nursing Home, or some other place that could benefit from your generosity.

When you do the math, your cost per mile under the FAZ promo is only 1.4 cents.  Even when you add the taxes/fees to redeem the ticket ($966 for Business / $370 for Economy) you are still well ahead.  Consider that with taxes and cost of the subscription your Business Class ticket would only be about $1700-1900.   For Economy Meilenschneppchen deals, you can get a roundtrip ticket for only 30,000 miles, so with the FAZ deal you would get enough miles for 2 roundtrip tickets for only $1500-1700 (1 x 840 for FAZ + 2 x $370 for the fees for an economy award ticket).

However, you can only choose one of these promotions since FAZ limits you to taking advantage of only one deal every six months, and both of these offers expire at year’s end.

Either way, neither is a bad deal it’s just a matter of do you want the free and easy 999 miles, or put out a bit of effort to get the 60,000 miles.

To keep up with the latest promos for quick and easy miles, please visit the Miles & More forum on FlyerTalk regularly.   Deals come up several times a week!

UNITED Mileage Plus Sale:  Up To 75% Bonus On Miles

UNITED Mileage Plus Sale: Up To 75% Bonus On Miles

United once again is trying to incent us to buy miles and it’s hard to resist if you still have room to by miles this year.

The latest sale offers a bonus of up to 75% and the deal is in place until October 31.    In order to get the 75% bonus, you need to buy at least 30,000 miles.  Buying 30,000 miles will get you a bonus of 22,500 miles for a total of 52,500 miles and will cost about $1100 including taxes.   That amounts to 2.09 cents per mile (CPM), which makes for an attractive proposition, especially if you are short a handful of miles for premium award travel redemptions.

If you buy between 5,000 and 14,000 miles, you’ll get a bonus of 25%, if you buy between 15,000 and 29,000 miles you’ll get a 50% bonus.  You can buy a maximum of 85,000 miles which will give you a bonus of 63,750 miles for a total of 148,750 miles.

From my observations lately, it’s been a bit easier to find Lufthansa First and Business Class inventory and even Austrian and SWISS Business class awards.   This may actually be a good time to take advantage of a deal like this.

United Mileage Plus 100% Mileage Bonus Sale Ends Soon!

United Mileage Plus 100% Mileage Bonus Sale Ends Soon!

Over the past few weeks, United has been selling miles for their Mileage Plus program which has been giving buyers the opportunity to receive a 100% bonus on the miles they purchase.    This sale ends on August 15, so there are still a few days left to top up your mileage balances so you can redeem for those Lufthansa First Class tickets that have been relatively easy to find.

From what I gather, there may be one catch in order to be eligible for the offer and that is you need to be a United MileagePlus credit card holder.  However I don’t know how tightly that will be enforced.  Once you go to the Mileage Purchase page and log in, you’ll see if you are eligible for the bonus mile offer.

The sale is structured so that the more miles that are purchased, the higher bonus.   It’s broken down as follows:

    Buying between 5,000 and 14,000 miles will earn a 25% bonus.

    Buying between 15,000 and 29,000 miles will earn a 60% bonus.

    Buying between 30,000 and 75,000 miles will earn a 100% bonus.

Mileage Plus members can buy up to 150,000 miles annually for their account, including the bonus miles that are awarded at purchase.

Additionally, anyone who purchases miles during this promo will be entered into a drawing that will award winners additional miles.   1st Place will get 250,000 miles, 2nd Place will get 10000 miles, and 3 3rd Place winners will get 50,000 miles each.