£15 Voucher for EX-UK Travel On LUFTHANSA

£15 Voucher for EX-UK Travel On LUFTHANSA

To help celebrate Mother’s Day in the UK this Sunday, Lufthansa is offering a £15 voucher good towards Lufthansa travel originating from the UK.

The voucher is good for flights booked between March 8 and 12, 2018.   When booking, use the code ZTCTQ4L39R12 and that should reflect the £15 discount when you check out.

In reading the very fine print, it suggests that the voucher is only good for Economy Class bookings, but if history repeats itself the terms are sometimes wrong and voucher would be usable on any fare.

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LUFTHANSA Cyber Monday Deal:  €30 Off Voucher

LUFTHANSA Cyber Monday Deal: €30 Off Voucher

This morning I received the annual email from Lufthansa regarding their Cyber Monday special.   This year, as in the past, it is a voucher code good for €30 off of your booking.

For some reason, I have yet to see the US version even though I live in the States.

Anyway, the code is good for travel between January 8 and  March 22, 2018.    The code has to be redeemed by midnight your local time in order for it to count.

If you did not get your voucher via email today, you can use this link to request the code.   I think it’s a universal code and will be the same for everyone.

If you don’t have the ability to access that link, try the following code when booking your ticket:  ZCN69RMJ0OK6

I tried the code on the LH’s USA website and it did calculate the discount.


Rumor Mill:   Upgrade To Lufthansa First From Discounted Biz Fares?

Rumor Mill: Upgrade To Lufthansa First From Discounted Biz Fares?

I normally don’t speculate on rumors but one caught my attention today thanks to FlyerTalk’s ‘NewbieRunner’, who pointed out a thread written by a ‘HON Circle’ member suggesting that Lufthansa may be set to relax their upgrade rules as far as moving to First Class is concerned.

Back in 2012, Lufthansa stopped the practice of allowing Miles & More members to use their E-Vouchers to upgrade from discount ‘Z’ Business Class fares to First Class seats on long haul flights.   Passengers could only upgrade to first if they had booked full fare business class tickets.   This was also the time that Lufthansa unveiled ‘P’ fares, that were ‘deep discount’ business class fares.   They too were ineligible for upgrades.

Interestingly enough, SWISS, the only other LH Group airline that offers long haul First Class seats has always allowed discounted Business Class fares to be upgradeable to First.

Now it appears that the policy may be revised to once again allow discount Lufthansa Business Class fares to be eligible for upgrades to First.   According the aforementioned thread, it may be that a Lufthansa staffer inadvertently told this ‘HON’ that this change is coming.

The timing of this ‘leak’ may be reasonable since Miles & More is set to announce wide ranging changes to the terms of the program, including a likely shift to a revenue based model as far as earning status is concerned. This widely expected shift would simply be in line with what the rest of the industry has already done, or is in the process of transitioning to.

If this comes to pass it will be a very positive development.    My only concern is what will be taken away or changed that will make this positive development seem trivial. Lately, most program changes have taken away more than they have given as far as benefits are concerned.

Expect an announcement from Miles & More in the coming weeks regarding program changes for 2018.