Rumor Mill:   Upgrade To Lufthansa First From Discounted Biz Fares?

Rumor Mill: Upgrade To Lufthansa First From Discounted Biz Fares?

I normally don’t speculate on rumors but one caught my attention today thanks to FlyerTalk’s ‘NewbieRunner’, who pointed out a thread written by a ‘HON Circle’ member suggesting that Lufthansa may be set to relax their upgrade rules as far as moving to First Class is concerned.

Back in 2012, Lufthansa stopped the practice of allowing Miles & More members to use their E-Vouchers to upgrade from discount ‘Z’ Business Class fares to First Class seats on long haul flights.   Passengers could only upgrade to first if they had booked full fare business class tickets.   This was also the time that Lufthansa unveiled ‘P’ fares, that were ‘deep discount’ business class fares.   They too were ineligible for upgrades.

Interestingly enough, SWISS, the only other LH Group airline that offers long haul First Class seats has always allowed discounted Business Class fares to be upgradeable to First.

Now it appears that the policy may be revised to once again allow discount Lufthansa Business Class fares to be eligible for upgrades to First.   According the aforementioned thread, it may be that a Lufthansa staffer inadvertently told this ‘HON’ that this change is coming.

The timing of this ‘leak’ may be reasonable since Miles & More is set to announce wide ranging changes to the terms of the program, including a likely shift to a revenue based model as far as earning status is concerned. This widely expected shift would simply be in line with what the rest of the industry has already done, or is in the process of transitioning to.

If this comes to pass it will be a very positive development.    My only concern is what will be taken away or changed that will make this positive development seem trivial. Lately, most program changes have taken away more than they have given as far as benefits are concerned.

Expect an announcement from Miles & More in the coming weeks regarding program changes for 2018.

LUFTHANSA Selling First Class Lounge Access Even If Not Flying in First.  BUT……

LUFTHANSA Selling First Class Lounge Access Even If Not Flying in First. BUT……

What has normally been ‘verboten’ has become a reality, at least for the time being.

Lufthansa is offering paid access to ‘SOME’ of the First Class Lounges if you meet certain criteria.   This criteria requires that you be a Miles & More ‘Senator’ and be booked on a intercontinental flight in Business or Premium Economy Class.

However, before you get excited about walking into the hallowed grounds of the First Class Terminal in Frankfurt, and all the joys that one derives from being treated like an uber VIP, not every lounge is part of this promotion.

Qualifying passengers can access the First Class Lounge in Concourse ‘B’ in Frankfurt, or the First Class Lounge in Munich.    The First Class Terminal, and the lounge in Concourse ‘A’ in Frankfurt are not accessible with this promotion.

Restrictions not withstanding, it’s still a great opportunity to experience Lufthansa’s First Class services on ground when normally you would not be eligible to do so.

The promotion is in place until October 29, 2017 and pricing is as follows:

Senator flying in Premium Economy Class:  €299, plus €199 per guest (including children)

Senator flying Business Class: €249, plus €149 per guest (including children).

You’ll need to show your boarding pass when you arrive at the lounge, and pay the Lounge receptionist upon entry.

Ducks are included with your purchase! 🙂



SWISS First Class Ex-UK….Buy One, Get ONE FREE!

SWISS First Class Ex-UK….Buy One, Get ONE FREE!

Swiss has extended their current promotion for First Class travel to most of Asia, Africa, South America, and the Middle East.   The promo basically a 2-for-1 with fares ranging between €2200 and €3000 ( £1900 and £2600).   Perhaps the best deal is the €2400 fare to Shanghai or the €2900 fare to Sao Paolo.

The sale has been extended and now ends on 12 July 2017.    Valid travel dates for this deal extend all the way out to 31 March 2018 so there is plenty of availability for the deal.

So, as long as you can originate your travel from the UK, you can take advantage of this decent offer.    Keep in mind you flights from the UK to Zurich will be in Business Class and can include flights operated by Lufthansa or Austrian that ultimately get you to ZRH.

If you play your cards right, you can book your UK flight to Frankfurt via Lufthansa, visit the First Class Terminal, and then fly to Zurich where you can enjoy the SWISS First Class Lounge before your First Class flight!


SWISS’ new First Class Lounge in Zurich

Alone In SWISS’ First Class Cabin




SWISS FIRST CLASS Fare Sale To Most Of The World Ex-LUX and Ex-BRU

SWISS FIRST CLASS Fare Sale To Most Of The World Ex-LUX and Ex-BRU

Swiss has launched an outstanding fare sale for travel originating in Luxembourg or Brussels that provides roundtrip First Class travel aboard SWISS to most of the destinations in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and South America.

The lowest fares are to the Middle East where fares range in the low €2000 euro range.   Asia fares start €2500, while South America can be reached for only €3000.   Fares to Johannesburg are attractive as well for only €3000.

The fare sale runs until June 22 and travel must take place between July 1, 2017 and January 15, 2018, giving you ample opportunity and inventory to plan your trip.   A 3 day stay is required, other than that there are no other serious restrictions.

Book Away!


I have the SWISS First Class Cabin All To Myself

SWISS’ First Class Lounge in Zurich



LUFTHANSA / SWISS First Class Sale To The USA:  From Only €3000!!

LUFTHANSA / SWISS First Class Sale To The USA: From Only €3000!!

Lufthansa has launched a very attractive First Class fare sale for travel between Germany and the USA.    How attractive?   How about First Class fares for the price of Business Class?

The absolute cheapest prices are to the East Coast, where Philadelphia, NYC, and Boston can be reached for only €3019.  Most of the Midwest can be reached for only €3300 while the West Coast gets a bit more pricier at €5000.

The nice part of the fare sale is that the prices are valid for travel on Lufthansa or SWISS, however your travel needs to originate in Germany.  You can also find these fares for travel on United flights from Germany as well.

The fare sale is in place until May 29 and is valid for travel between June 30 and September 10, 2017.

Take advantage of these great prices and enjoy wonderful perks such as the First Class Terminal in Frankfurt or SWISS’ amazing First Class Lounge in Zurich!


What it’s like to have a SWISS First Class cabin all to myself