LUFTHANSA Announces A350 Launch Date For Mumbai

LUFTHANSA Announces A350 Launch Date For Mumbai

A few weeks ago, Lufthansa announced that Mumbai would be the 3rd destination to be served by the new A350s joining the fleet.   They’ve further clarified the announcement to include the start date for the A350s service between Munich and Mumbai.

Beginning April 15,  2017 the A350 will take over for the A330 on the route.   The flight numbers remain the same but the flight times have been updated to reflect the A350’s performance:

Flight LH764 will depart Munich at 11:40a and arrive in Mumbai at 11:05p.

Flight LH765 will depart Mumbai at 1:05a and arrive in Munich at 5:50a.

Previously, LH764 departed Munich at 11:35a and arrived in Mumbai at 11:55p, while LH765 departed at 1:25a and arrived in Munich at 5:50a.


LUFTHANSA Announces 3rd A350 Destination……

LUFTHANSA Announces 3rd A350 Destination……

Delhi, Boston……..

And now:


Beginning sometime during the second quarter this year, Lufthansa will begin using their A350s on flights between Munich and Mumbai.   Currently the route is flown by an Airbus A330.

Flight information remains the same.   Flight 764 will depart Munich at 11:35a, arriving in Mumbai at 11:55p.   Flight 765 will depart Mumbai at 1:25a, arriving in Munich at 5:50a.

Look for more destinations to be announced soon.  Lufthansa likes to rotate new aircraft to a variety of new destinations, plus more A350s will be joining the fleet allowing LH to expand their reach.    I expect a few East Coast USA destinations to be next in line to see the A350.

Once LH announces the exact date for Mumbai, I’ll pass that info along.