Lufthansa’s 10th Anniversary ‘Trachtencrew’ Oktoberfest Schedule

Lufthansa’s 10th Anniversary ‘Trachtencrew’ Oktoberfest Schedule

Lufthansa has released the details about their ‘Trachtencrew’ schedule for 2016.

Celebrating their 10th Anniversary passengers will find these crews, dressed in their Oktoberfest best, on several flights over the coming weeks.   Two crews will be featured and will be seen on six long-haul flights this year.  In addition to the flight crews, ground staff in Munich will also be in the Oktoberfest spirit, sporting their Dirndls as well.   Passengers visiting the First Class Lounge will see a Dirndl pattern that is unique to the First Class Lounge staff (and don’t forget to get your ‘Oktoberfest’ Duck!).

As a matter of fact, if you are flying from Munich to either Toronto or Washington DC today (Sept 15), you’ll see them.   On September 20, passengers flying from Munich to Shanghai or Hong Kong will enjoy their hospitality.  On October 2nd, the Trachtencrew will be aboard the flight from Munich to Denver, and on October 3 from Munich to Boston.

In addition to the long haul flights, the Trachtencrews will also be found on flights to Europe.   Passengers will see them on flights to Birmingham, Belgrade, Cluj, Nice, Olbia, and Sylt.


LUFTHANSA Announces ‘Oktoberfest Flight Crew’ Schedule

LUFTHANSA Announces ‘Oktoberfest Flight Crew’ Schedule

As part of their Oktoberfest celebration each year, Lufthansa enlists their special ‘Trachten Team’ to bring the Holiday aboard certain flights during September.    The theme around this year’s costumes will be based on the styles worn in the 1950s to acknowledge Lufthansa’s 60th Anniversary.

For 2015, Lufthansa has announced the follow flights are scheduled to be operated with these special crews:

North America:

Munich – Charlotte on September 16

Munich – Vancouver on September 21

Middle East:

Munich – Dubai  September 29

These were the initial dates announced by LH.  I’m not sure if there will be additional destinations added to this schedule.   Additionally,  First Class passengers on all outbound flights from Munich will have a special Oktoberfest Menu during the ‘season.

Complimenting these international flights, LH will also have flight attendants sporting their Oktoberfest Drindls and Lederhosen on domestic and European flights during September as well, though I have not seen any details regarding which flights these would be.

Aside from the on-board experience, all lounge visitors in Munich will also be welcomed with special Oktoberfest menus and treats.

First Class Lounge guests can look forward to Oxtail Pralines and Wheat Beer Tiramisu while Senator and Business Lounge guests will be able to get their fill of Apfel Strudel and other delicacies.

If you are visiting the FCL in Munich, don’t forget your special ‘Bavarian Duck’!


Lufthansa Celebrates Oktoberfest With Special ‘Trachten Team’ Flights

Lufthansa Celebrates Oktoberfest With Special ‘Trachten Team’ Flights

Continuing its tradition of celebrating Oktoberfest each year, Lufthansa has announced plans to bring this great festival aboard several flights over the coming days and weeks.

Beginning today, September 15,  Lufthansa will have certain flights operating from Munich ‘outfitted’ with special crews.  These crews, known as ‘Trachten Teams’ will be dressed in traditional Bavarian attire and will bring a bit of Oktoberfest to each of these special flights.  Something new for this year, passengers filing within Europe will also have an opportunity to experience LH’s Oktoberfest hospitality.

The following photo shows the variety of attire that you’ll find in Munich and on the special Tracthen flights.    From left to right:  Munich Customer Service Staff,  Long Haul Flight Attendants (center 2), Lufthansa CityLine Flight attendants.




Here is the current list of flights that will have the special Oktoberfest enhancements.:

September 15:  LH722 Munich – Beijing

September 20:  Munich – Lyon

September 20:  Munich – Copenhagen

September 21:  Munich – Zagreb

September 21:  Munich – Bremen

September 24:  LH504 Munich – Sao Paulo (GRU)

October 4:  LH520 Munich – Mexico City

October 5:  Munich – Zadar

October 5:  Munich – Geneva


And lastly, if you are flying in First Class and transiting Munich, make sure you stop by the First Class Lounge to claim your special Oktoberfest Duck!


The exclusive Bavarian Ducks only available in Munich are proud to accept the award.....