Only 2 Days Remain To Take Advantage Of United Mileage Plus 100% Bonus Miles Offer

Only 2 Days Remain To Take Advantage Of United Mileage Plus 100% Bonus Miles Offer

As a reminder, only 2 days remain in United’s Mileage Plus sale that is awarding up to 100% bonus miles when you buy miles for your account.    The offer wraps up on November 20, 2017 and with this deal, you can buy miles for as low as 1.75 cents per mile which is pretty good.

For example, buying the maximum amount of miles (75,000), will yield you 150,000 miles for $2625.00.   Not a bad price if you need to fill your account with miles to get a First Class ticket on Lufthansa or other premium cabin travel.

Remember, you can only buy a total of 150,000 miles a year (including the bonus miles you get during a sale).   If you need a lot of miles in short order, you’ll be able to start buying miles on January 1 if you max out your 2017 purchases.

The deal is broken up into brackets as shown below.    The more miles you buy, the better the bonus:

Buy between 5,000 and 9,000 miles and you’ll get a 25% bonus.

Buy between 10,000 and 29,000 miles and you’ll get a 50% bonus.

Buy between 30,000 and 75,000 miles and you’ll get a 100% bonus.

More Plane Spotting From Zurich……

More Plane Spotting From Zurich……

As I find time to go through and process photos taken from my transfers through Zurich a few weeks ago, I’ve come up with the next batch of shots that I think are worthy of being posted.

Having a 13 hour layover on the outbound and a 7 hour layover on the inbound segments gave me plenty of time.

These shots were taken from the SWISS First Class Lounge in Terminal ‘E’ which gives you a fantastic view of all of ZRH’s runways.   The only issue is that the sun is not your best friend during most of the day because it either ‘back lights’ or ‘top lights’ the aircraft so it’s tougher to get a nice vibrant profile of any plane.

Regardless, ZRH is still one of the best all-around airports to spot in and is extremely ‘spotter friendly’ whether you are in a pre- or post security part of the airport or outside the airport property altogether and just hanging around the perimeter fences with your ladder looking for that perfect shot.

I’ll post more as I get through them.

SWISS 777 Spools up for departure…….

Austrian’s Dash8 is Vienna bound….

Another one heading for Vienna…..

Delta’s 767 departing towards the Alps before turning west for the USA

Dubai-bound Emirates A380

Arriving from Keflavik Airport in Iceland

SWISS C-series sports a new livery…..

A very clean C-Series arrives

Thai’s 777 heading to Bangkok

United 767 heading for the States…



United Mileage Plus:   Buy Miles & Get Up To 100% Bonus!

United Mileage Plus: Buy Miles & Get Up To 100% Bonus!

As the year begins to draw to an end,  United is once again offering an attractive deal for those of us who ‘need’ to or ‘want’ to buy miles in our Mileage Plus accounts.

In this latest deal, United is offering up to a 100% miles bonus if you purchase between 30,000 and 75,000 miles.   It’s about as good a deal as we’ll see when it comes to these promos.   Since United only allows members to buy 150,000 miles a calendar year, buying the 75k will get you the bonus 75k thus maximizing what you can buy for 2017.

To buy the 75,000 miles, you’ll need to part with $2625.00 plus tax but considering you’ll get 75,000 miles, the value proposition is fairly decent.   It comes out to about 1.75 cents per mile which a good price by any definition!  A fairly inexpensive value proposition as far as using the miles to book a First Class seat aboard a Lufthansa flight.

Other bonus brackets are as follows:

Buy between 5,000 and 9,000 miles and you’ll get a 25% bonus.

Buy between 10,000 and 29,000 miles and you’ll get a 50% bonus.

The sale is in place through November 20, 2017.  Keep in mind that these miles do not count as status miles.

UNITED Mileage Plus 100% Bonus & Sweepstakes Ending Soon…….

UNITED Mileage Plus 100% Bonus & Sweepstakes Ending Soon…….

For those of you who’ve yet take advantage of United’s latest mileage sale for Mileage Plus, you have a few days left to top off your accounts and enter a sweepstakes to win even more miles.

The sale is a good one, with a bonus of up to 100% if you buy 50,000 or more miles for your account (Click for details).


You can purchase up to 150,000 miles a year for your account, and with the year winding down it might be time act on this kind of sale.

The tiers for this sale are as follows:

Buy between 5,000 and 19,000 miles and get 25% more miles.

Buy between 20,000 and 29,000 miles and get 50% more miles.

Buy between 30,000 and 49,000 miles and get 75% more miles.

Buy between 50,000 and 75,000 miles and get 100% more miles.

For this promo, buying 75,000 miles will cost $2625 and you’ll get another 75,000 miles which means you’ll wind up paying only 1.75 cents per mile which is about as good a deal as you’ll ever find.    Taxes may take the CPM up a bit, but it is still among the best deals that United has offered in a long time.

You can buy up 150,000 miles a year per account.  Bonus miles count towards the 150k maximum.

As far as the contest is concerned, if you buy miles, you’ll be entered into a drawing that will award 5 prizes.   The Grand Prize is 250k miles.   Second place gets 100k miles, and 3 other winners will each win 50,000 miles.  Obviously the miles won from the contest will not count against the 150k maximum miles that can be purchased for an account.

No Purchase is necessary to enter the contest. Directions for entering the contest are included in the Official Rules.


Plane Spotting Is About To Get Better At Paine Field……

Plane Spotting Is About To Get Better At Paine Field……

With airlines announcing new service to Paine Field, it will become easier than ever for ‘Avgeeks’ to reach one of the Meccas of Plane Spotting and the home to one of Boeing’s major campuses. It’s only taken 80 years to get us to this point!

In the past few days, United announced that they will begin operating flights to Paine Field in October 2018.   Alaska made their announcement about service to the field earlier this year.    It also appears that Allegiant will serve ‘PAE’ as well, but no official announcement from them as yet.

United’s announcement stated that they will bring six daily flights from Denver and San Francisco.   Alaska thus far has announced 9 daily flights, but did not indicate where they would be coming from.

The Queen Of The Skies With Mt. Rainier In The Background


The re-opening of Paine Field to commercial operations has been a hotly contested topic in the Mukilteo area where the airport is located.   Equal amounts of voices were for and against opening PAE to airlines.   However, after the debates and legal challenges, the path has been laid to bring passengers to the field.



For us plane spotter types, this means it will be easier than ever to reach the birthplace of Boeing heavies and enjoy the views along the runway.    What used to be a flight to Seattle, followed by a drive that is usually mired in heavy traffic from Seattle to Everett can now become a flight to PAE, followed by a 10 minute hotel shuttle bus ride to the Hilton Garden Inn located next to the field.