Avgeeks:  Ask ‘Siri’ This Question…..

Avgeeks: Ask ‘Siri’ This Question…..

Avgeek?  Have an iPhone?

Ask Siri:

“What’s Flying Overhead?”

This little gem of a question was brought to my attention by a friend who uses it once in awhile to see what aircraft are coming into our local airport or flying nearby.  Having used an iPhone for years, I never knew Siri had the ability to see the sky and report her findings.

Though it’s not nearly impressive as the ‘binocular view’ afforded to us by FlightRadar24, it’s still a slick feature that Siri has available for those of us who are curious as to what is 35,000 feet overhead.

The screen that Siri returns is 2 pages long, so you’ll need to scroll down to see all the data. The data is compiled by Wolfram|Alpha and presented in the following manner:


Screen 1……


…and scroll down to see this screen


I’m not sure if other ‘Digi-Gals’ such as Alexa or others offer this kind of tool, but for an avgeek it’s something worth knowing about if you use Apple products.


LUFTHANSA App Integrates Into Apple Watch

LUFTHANSA App Integrates Into Apple Watch

For those of you early adopters who simply had to get an early copy of the Apple Watch, you can leverage your new toy with the Lufthansa App.


Various screen shots depicting the Lufthansa App on the Apple Watch (Courtesy: Lufthansa)

Various screen shots depicting the Lufthansa App on the Apple Watch (Courtesy: Lufthansa)


The Watch app automatically installs when you sync your watch with your iTunes as long as you already have the Lufthansa App installed on either your iPhone or iPad.

Once installed, the app provides a dynamic interface that provides travelers with the right information at the right time.    For example, your watch will begin to remind you of your flight up to a day in advance.  Additionally the Watch app provides real time updates to your flight schedule and even keeps track of how long before your flight begins boarding.

The app also provides gate and flight status information as well as your seat assignment.  Another great feature is that your Boarding Pass will available on your watch so you can simply scan your watch at the gate.

For now, this functionality is ONLY available to Miles & More members.   You also have to be logged into your account in order for the App to function as designed on the watch.  It will also work if you have already checked in for your flight.

The App will be expanded to work with non Miles & More members in a future update.