Attention Photographers:  Groupon Deal For Photo Prints On Glass

Attention Photographers: Groupon Deal For Photo Prints On Glass

Popping up in my Facebook stream this evening was a deal from Groupon that gives you the ability to have your photos printed on glass for only 29.99.   The regular price for the product is normally 169.99 so it equates to about an 80% savings.  Not bad!

The printing is done through and for the $29.99 you can have your print put on a 16×20 inch piece of glass.   In addition, you’ll get an 8GB USB memory stick when you order your print.

According to, your image is heat fused to a pain of glass and is treated to be UV proof and comes with hangars attached for easy hanging.   It would be interesting to hang it on a window to see what the sunlight would do to an image.  I guess I’ll have to find out and order a couple.

Looks like you can order up to 10 coupons from Group and have 90 days to redeem them.

To redeem the offer, click here to visit and type in ‘‘ in the search field.

GROUPON DEAL:  Metal Photograph Prints For 85% Off!

GROUPON DEAL: Metal Photograph Prints For 85% Off!

Just a bit off topic with this one…

However, I came across a great deal from  GROUPON that lets users buy metal prints of their photos for 85% off or better.

I’ve used them a few times in the last couple of weeks to print a few of my Safari photos and I have to say I’m really impressed with how they turned out.   I was a bit nervous because you usually get what you pay for, but it this case I got a lot more than what I paid for!


For scale, the Leopard about is a 16×20 print and the Lion to the right is an 11×14 print.   I noticed with my prints, they have a really nice sheen to them and have almost a 3-D like quality to them.

The GROUPON deal is through and comes in 3 price ranges:

10 x 7 Prints are only $9.99 (regularly 69.99)

11×14 Prints are only 14.99 (regularly 89.99)

16×20 Prints are only 19.99 (regularly 139.99)

In addition if you use the coupon code “ENJOY30” you’ll get an additional 30% off of these prices at checkout.  These prices also include shipping.

Uploading the photo and processing it is easy, just make sure you have a high enough resolution of your image.   The PrinterPix software will tell you if you’re print will look good or not depending on the size you upload.  4 or 5 stars, and its will turn out.  Anything else will cause a pixelated image.

So for all you traveling types and plane spotters, here’s a great chance to put some of your best photos on a really nice metal print.     Might not be a bad idea to use this deal for Holiday gifts as well.

From what it looked like, there were also deals for canvas prints, mugs, albums, calendars, etc. etc. etc.

To find the deal visit GROUPON.COM and in the search field type PrinterPix.   You’ll be taken to the PrinterPix Groupon site where you can buy your coupons for this deal and other offers from PrinterPix.