Hapag-Lloyd Joins The Movement Against Game Trophy Transport

Hapag-Lloyd Joins The Movement Against Game Trophy Transport

You may be wondering why I am writing about a container shipping company.  Let me give you a bit of context.

In June, there were announcements from several airlines regarding a shift in their policies that would ban the transport of Hunting Trophies such as Lions, Elephants, Tigers, Rhino, etc.    It started with South African and spread to Lufthansa, Brussels, Austrian, SWISS, Emirates, British Airways.

During the course of these announcements, I had a discussion with a friend of mine, Nils Haupt, who works on the corporate communications  team for Hapag-Lloyd in Hamburg and asked what their policies were on the topic since shipping is their business.

At the time, I was to understand that Hapag had policies against illegally harvested trophies but nothing beyond that.     Well that has changed.

Last night when I checked my email, I had a note from Nils stating that based on the trend in the industry and their observations (and because of our initial conversations last month), Hapag-Lloyd has now amended their container shipping policy and has fully banned the transport of any Game Trophy, regardless of how it was harvested.

I love the fact that Hapag-Lloyd has joined the ‘fight’.   The biggest criticism when the airlines changed policy was the fact that not many trophies are transported via aircraft.    So seeing one of the world’s largest container shippers change their policy should send a VERY strong message about how the transportation industry is beginning to view this topic.

Good on you Hapag-Lloyd and THANKS!