LUFTHANSA History Now On Digitized Timeline

LUFTHANSA History Now On Digitized Timeline

Lufthansa has unveiled a new interactive website that lets visitors scroll through the post-war history of Lufthansa.    The digitized timeline begins in 1951 and captures all of the key moments for Lufthansa over the last 7 decades.

Prior to this, Lufthansa would regularly publish ‘As Time Flies By’ to document the airline through the years but it was only available to Lufthansa ‘insiders’ and its not nearly as thorough as the interactive version found online.

Lufthansa's new digital timeline

Sample screen from Lufthansa’s new digital timeline

What really makes this tool interesting is all of the video clips and photos that have been embedded into the timeline.   When it comes to aircraft, pictures and videos tell the story far better than any amount of word could ever say.     LH has done a great job bringing a lot of photos and videos out of the archives for this project!

You also have the option of searching for certain events based on subject and keywords so you can focus on the topics that interest you the most.

To access the time website, simply click here.   The website defaults to German but an English version is available by changing the language option in the settings menu.    For most, your computer will most likely auto-translate for you.

Today In Lufthansa History:   The First Airbus A321 Arrives

Today In Lufthansa History: The First Airbus A321 Arrives

January 27, 1994 marked the day that the first Airbus A321 joined Lufthansa’s fleet.  Nicknamed ‘ Finkenwerder’, D-AIRA has been in service ever since and was the first of 63 A321s that would join the fleet over the last 21 years.

The initial order of 20 A321s was delivered between 1994 and 1998 with the last of the batch, D-AIRY, being in delivered on November 4, 1998.  Since then, 43 additional A321s have joined the fleet and are all currently in service.


D-AIRA still in action 21 years after entering service......

D-AIRA still in action 21 years after entering service……

LUFTHANSA:  The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same…..

LUFTHANSA: The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same…..

For those of you who did not have an opportunity to transit Munich during August, you missed Lufthansa’s special Exhibit that took passengers and visitors on a walk down memory lane.

The Exhibit, “Service Is Our Tradition”, explored nearly 60 years of Lufthansa’s commitment to its passengers.   The exhibit comprised of 60 photos from Lufthansa’s archives that compared past and present scenes including moments captured in passenger cabins, airport operations and aircraft cockpits.

As you scroll through the photos you’ll notice that the Lufthansa took the archive photos and re-posed the same scene with current day surroundings for a side by side comparison.

The ‘Then & Now’ perspective goes a long way to show how LH has evolved over the last 60 years as far as equipment, technology and uniforms are concerned but also suggests the airline’s consistency over the years.























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