‘Lufthansa Cocktail’ To Get Updated Recipes And Flavors

‘Lufthansa Cocktail’ To Get Updated Recipes And Flavors

For those of you who are truly in the know, this is not the first time that you’ve heard of the Lufthansa Cocktail liquor.

The orange/apricot flavored ‘adult juice’ was first unveiled in 1955 when used as a ‘Welcome Aboard’ beverage for passengers flying in ‘Senator’ class.   From there it became one of the most popular cocktails throughout Germany in the 60s and 70s (I suspect only West Germany however! 😉 )

After the waning of its popularity in the 80s and 90s, it was revived in 2005 as part of a 50 year celebration of Lufthansa and has been available in Lufthansa’s First Class Lounges and First Class Terminal (Frankfurt) ever since.   But you had to know it was there, so apologies to any ‘maximizers’ that missed adding this to their list of lounge ‘freebies’ that they’re entitled to.   🙂

Currently, you can purchase the Cocktail at a very few select employee stores (Ringeltaube) near Frankfurt and Munich Airport but you have a card giving you permission to shop there or be taken there by an LH employee.

The reinvention of the new Lufthansa Cocktail will debut later this year and will be available in 6 distinct flavors.   Plans call for it to be available in Duty Free shops in Munich and Frankfurt and potentially other shops in Germany.

If you’ve never had the cocktail, next time you are in an FCL or the FCT, try one.   Its great ‘on the rocks’ or with Sprite (7 Up).

All this talk of a Lufthansa Cocktail has now led me to want to pour a bit over some ice, light a cigar and watch the thunderstorms roll in this evening…….Gotta’ go….Good Night!