LUFTHANSA Becomes First European Airline To Join Pre-Check Program

LUFTHANSA Becomes First European Airline To Join Pre-Check Program

Lufthansa has officially joined the TSA’s ‘Pre-Check’ Program which allows for passengers to enjoy expedited screening at airports in the USA.

For Lufthansa passengers, it becomes especially valuable at their USA gateways since they can bypass the usually longer security lines that non Pre-Check passengers have to endure when traveling.    For those of you not familiar with the program, Pre-Check enrollees are allowed to keep their shoes on while going through screening as well as being able to keep the contents of their bags in place.   Cameras, computers, liquids, etc. do not have to be screened separately.   Non US citizens can take advantage of Pre-Check as well, contingent on approval of US Customs via the Global Entry program.

To find out more about ‘Pre-Check’ and to apply, visit the Pre-Check website.  The cost of the program for passengers is $85.00.     If you are already in enrolled in Pre-Check, all you will have to do is enter your ‘Known Traveller Number’ during the booking process and you will be Pre-Check eligible when traveling.   Keep in mind however,  even if you are enrolled in Pre-Check, the TSA reserves the right to randomly have members go through additional screening.

In the past, LH had been resistant to join the Pre-Check program due to the substantial expense that is incurred as a result of updating computer systems to be compatible with the Pre-Check program.  Glad to see that they changed their mind….