Star Alliance Route Announcements


Vancouver-Los Angeles effective between October 28 and December 12 will be reduced from 4x/day to 3x/day.
Vancouver-San Diego effective October 28 is CANCELED.

Air Canada is converting Vancouver – San Diego operation from year-round to summer seasonal, as it’ll cancel this route from 28OCT12 to 30APR13. S

Beijing–Okinawa effective between October 10 and October 27 is CANCELED.
Beijing–Osaka effective October 1 to October 26 is reduced from 3x/day to 2x/day.
Beijing–Sapporo Service is CANCELED on October 2, 6, 12, 16, 19, 23, 26.
Beijing–Tokyo(NRT) effective between October 15 and October 27 is reduced from 18x/week to 17x/week.
Hangzhou–Tokyo(NRT) effective between October 1 and October 27 is CANCELED.
Wuhan–Tokyo(NRT) effective between October 1 and October 27 is CANCELED.


Panama City-Cali effective December 18 will increase from 26x/week to 28x/week.
Panama City-San Andres Island effective December 17 will increase from 5x/week to 1x/DAY.


Cairo-Osaka effective December 1 will BEGIN 2x/week service.


Istanbul-Kilimanjaro-Mombasa-Istanbul effective December 4 will BEGIN 5x/week service.
Istanbul-Djibouti-Mogadishu-Istanbul effective January 26 will increase from 2x/week to 3x/week.



UPDATED w/More Photos: Lufthansa’s New Lounges In Frankfurt’s New Pier A+ Terminal

I’ve updated my earlier post to reflect the addition of more pictures that were taken at the media preview event. The additional photos that I have added are courtesy of FlyerTalk’s NewbieRunner. She had the opportunity to attend the event and was kind enough to share her photos. I’ve added her photos below. Thanks NewbieRunner!

Thanks to Ralf from Germany’s (one of Germany’s largest and best frequent flyer websites) for sharing these pictures with me. Ralf (known as rcs on had a chance to attend a sneak preview event in Frankfurt and was able to see some of Lufthansa’s new lounges that have been constructed in the terminal. The new 900 million dollar Terminal is scheduled to open to the public on October 10.

The event was originally scheduled to be held next week and I was planning on attending but a change in timeframe by Frankfurt Airport took that decision out of my hands. I’m still off to Frankfurt next week to visit Lufthansa so all is not lost and will have a first hand look at the brand new facilities.

Again, great thanks to Ralf for sharing these great images! The photos that he took are great, so I’ll let them do most of the talking:

These are from the First Class Lounge:

First Class Lounge Bathroom

The First Class Lounge is equipped with private "sleeping rooms"

Library area in the First Class Lounge

Additional View Of Library

View Of The Tarmac From The First Class Lounge

The Following Pictures Are From The Senator Lounge (and it looks to be Lufthansa’s best looking SEN lounge!):

Senator Lounge Reception Area

Waiting Area Near Service Desk

View From The Senator Lounge

Part Of The Senator Lounge

Lounge Seating Area

Looks Surprisingly Real

A "Quiet Area" In The Lounge

Large Work Area.....

Complete With PC's

Private "Cellphone Booths"

The following photos are courtesy of’s NewbieRunner:

Beautiful Atrium near entrance to the new "Pier A+"

Children's Play area in the new Pier

The flags that you see are flying at the First Class Terminal (FCT)

One of the gates in the new Pier

Entrance to Lufthansa's Senator and Business Lounges

Fantastic view of the ramps

A 747-400 Parked at a new gate

People Movers will help passengers cover ground in the new Pier

Attention Lufthansa CloudStream Users

Lufthansa announced today that their CloudStream product will be permanently taken off line on October 17. Users have until that date to log into their accounts and download their accumulated content before it is deleted.

For those unfamiliar with the platform, CloudStream was a “digital carry-on” application that allowed you to save content from the internet as well as share your findings with others. The “digital carry-on” would then store all of your downloaded content so that you can review it later during a wifi-enabled flight (on any airline) or where ever you would have access to the internet.

Basically it gave you the ability to create bookmarks to content that you could refer to at a later date and have all of them consolidated in one location. As part of the program Lufthansa would also make content recommendations to CloudStream users.