LUFTHANSA’s Million Ticket Sale For Intra-Europe Travel Starts Friday

LUFTHANSA’s Million Ticket Sale For Intra-Europe Travel Starts Friday

On occasion Lufthansa will launch a weekend sale where they allocate a specific number of tickets at great discounts for travel within Europe.   The latest version of this sale starts this Friday and lasts only until Sunday.    The sale covers departures from October to December while return trips need to take place between October 2, 2014 and March 31, 2015.  Since the fare sale is not yet loaded into the system, I have no way of knowing if the Christmas Holiday period is blacked out from this fare sale but I assume that it will be.

The fares run anywhere from €99 to €139 but the majority that I’ve seen have been on the lower end of this range.   As far as T&Cs are concerned, the minimum stay is 1 night for intra-Germany travel.  If traveling between European countries,  either a minimum of a 3 day stay is required OR a Friday night OR a Saturday night stay instead.   These rules make it easy to take advantage of the fares for a great weekend away from home!

As I mentioned earlier, I don’t BELIEVE that these fares have been loaded into the system yet, but please start checking the LH website prior to the sale in the event that the fares are discounted ahead of the start date on Friday.

SWISS Business Class Fare Sale For Thanksgiving

SWISS Business Class Fare Sale For Thanksgiving

SWISS is running a fare sale for Business Class travel from the USA to several cities in Europe with pricing start at $2200-2300 (New York – Zurich).   Most East Coast and Midwest departures (Chicago) range between $2200 and $2400 while departures from San Francisco and Los Angeles range between $2900 and $3400.

Like most Business Class fare sales, these rates are approximately 50% off of their normal price and are actually very good deals.   Traditionally you’ll find the best premium fares of the year during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.  Take advantage of them if you plan on visiting the Christmas Markets that start in Europe at the same time!

According to the terms/conditions (which were not provided in detail), it looks like the fare sale covers travel between November 22 through December 5.  However, you may find variances based on specific city pairs.

Also pay attention to the operating carrier.  Some of my search results gave me the option of flying United or Edelweiss.    Make sure that if you are going to spend $2500 on the ticket, that you make certain that SWISS is operating your flight!    I say this because SWISS has one of the best Business Class products between the USA and Europe and it would be a shame for you to spend the money and not experience their hospitality!




LUFTHANSA, SWISS & AUSTRIAN Fare Sales End In 48 Hours!

LUFTHANSA, SWISS & AUSTRIAN Fare Sales End In 48 Hours!

In case you missed the announcements on Monday, Lufthansa, SWISS and Austrian advertised a special 3-day fare sale between the USA and Europe.  All 3 fare sales end on August 6.

Starting with Lufthansa, their fare sale covers travel all the way through June 12, 2015.   The best offer appears to be between New York and Dusseldorf for only $810.  Otherwise nearly every other fare between the USA and LH destinations in Europe is below $1000.  The only exception being Seattle-Munich which is available for $1050.  It is always a good deal when you can fly from LAX or San Francisco to Europe for less than $1000!

The terms/conditions state that you must depart between October 26, 2014 and March 12, 2015.  Return travel must take place between November 2, 2014 and June 12, 2015.  The only black-out period for this fare sale is during the Christmas holiday, December 12 through January 5.


SWISS’ fare sale is similar but is broken up into 2 travel windows.  The fares are similar to Lufthansa and most of SWISS’ European destinations from the USA can be reached for less than $1000.   The first part of the fare sale covers travel between August 24 and October 25 while the second installment of the fare sale covers travel between October 26 and December 11, 2014 as well as between January 7 and March 12, 2015.  Their terms/conditions are a bit ambiguous but from testing a few different options, it appears that a 6 night minimum stay may be required.


And not to be out done, Austrian’s version of the fare sale may be the most attractive.   Most of Austrian’s fares between the US and Europe are below $900, with the best fare being a very attractive one between New York’s JFK and Vienna for only $800.  Bundle that deal with a couple of Business Class upgrades that you can purchase for approximately $800 each way and you can experience OS’ fantastic Business Class for less than $2500 round trip!  Trust me when I say it is fantastic!

As with the other deals, the Austrian fares are valid for travel between October 26 and December 11, 2015 or between January 7 and March 12, 2015.

Keep mind that all 3 fare sales end on August 6!






LUFTHANSA:  Business Class Fare Sale For Thanksgiving Holiday!

LUFTHANSA: Business Class Fare Sale For Thanksgiving Holiday!

If my post from yesterday didn’t compel you to book a First Class Lufthansa ticket during their fare sale then perhaps this offer will do the trick.

In addition to the First Class fare deals during the Thanksgiving Holiday, Lufthansa is also offering GREAT deals for Business Class travel.   In fact, you can get from New York to Dusseldorf for as low as $2100!

There are several attractive fares that cover travel from LH’s East Coast gateways to a variety of European destinations that range between $2200 and $2600, while fares from the West Coast start in the low $3000 range and move slightly higher from there.  

As is the case with the First Class fare sale, this promotion ends on September 29.   Travel must originate between November 22 and 28 and must be completed between November 27 and December 3.  Tickets must be purchased 60 days ahead of departure.

If you are going to book this deal, please make sure that you pay attention to the airlines operating your flight as Lufthansa, SWISS, Brussels, Austrian, Air Canada and United can all be operating carriers.  Take my advice, choose one of the first 4!

If you want to experience LH’s popular new Business Class, I would recommend flying out of a Gateway City that offers the Boeing 747-8i.   It’s by far my favorite Aircraft/Cabin combo in the LH Group fleet and I go out of my way to experience it!

If you need help putting together an itinerary to take advantage of certain aircraft and cabins, please let me know by leaving a comment or sending me an e-mail.


LUFTHANSA:  First Class Fare Sale For Thanksgiving Holiday

LUFTHANSA: First Class Fare Sale For Thanksgiving Holiday

Lufthansa is running a First Class Fare sale for travel to Europe during the Thanksgiving Holiday period in the USA.    Fares are attractive, starting as low as $5069 (Boston-Brussels).

The fare sale extends to a wide variety of European destinations too many to mention.   Aside from the great Boston-Brussels fare, other fares run in the mid to high $5000 range from the East Coast while fares from the West Coast are ranging in the $6000-$6200 range.

A great reason to visit Europe during this time of year is to experience the Christmas Markets that get underway in late November and run through the Christmas Holiday season.   I’ve been to several of them over the past few years and can recommend them highly.  There’s nothing like sipping on a warm mug of Spiced Wine  while browsing a market!

As far as the terms and conditions are concerned, the fare sale runs until September 29th.   Outbound travel must take place between November 22 and 28th, while return flights need to take place between November 27 and December 3.  Tickets must be purchased 60 days prior to departure.


Pay attention to who is operating your flight.   As is normal for ex-USA travel, your flights may be operated by Lufthansa, SWISS, Austrian, Brussels, United or Air Canada.    Please be mindful that only Lufthansa and SWISS offer First Class flights within the Lufthansa Group.   Austrian, Brussels & Air Canada, while excellent, fly 2-cabin aircraft – Business & Economy.    And of course there is NO COMPARISON between LH and United when it comes to the First Class experience to Europe.

By flying with LH or SWISS  in First Class you’ll have access to the wonderful First Class Lounges in Munich, Frankfurt and Zurich as well as the First Class Terminal in Frankfurt.   You’ll also find the limited edition Christmas Ducks being offered in the lounges during this time of year in Munich and Frankfurt.