AUSTRIAN Unveils New Livery!!

AUSTRIAN Unveils New Livery!!

Not to be out done by their German colleagues, Austrian today announced that a new livery will begin to adorn their aircraft as soon as this May.  This comes after only 3 years from their previous livery update.

The new look is a bold departure from the current design found on their aircraft and was specifically designed to be more ‘digital friendly’ so that the new look of Austrian looks good on Social Media platforms, websites, etc.

You’ll notice that the font grows DRAMATICALLY on the side of the aircraft as compared to the current version.    Planespotters will also notice that the tail section of the aircraft becomes bolder because the red on the tail now will come down to cover the very rear of the fuselage.   There will be no mistaking that something is different with the new look.

Here is a before and after look:

a large white airplane on a runway

Sporting the original livery, their 777 arrives from Vienna


a plane flying in the sky

Austrian’s rendering of their new look…..


According to Austrian, it will take 7 years to convert their entire fleet to the new look (same time frame as Lufthansa’s makeover).   The repainting will happen as part of an aircraft’s maintenance schedule. The first aircraft to show off the new look will be one of their 777s, OE-LPF, which will be unveiled with the new look next month.

This new update will also be reflected on airport signage, corporate offices, and anywhere else where Austrian has a presence.
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LUFTHANSA / SWISS / AUSTRIAN / BRUSSELS 50% Off Business Class To  Europe & North America!

LUFTHANSA / SWISS / AUSTRIAN / BRUSSELS 50% Off Business Class To Europe & North America!

Lufthansa, SWISS, and Austrian have posted a sensational Business Class fare sale for travel that originates from either Europe or North America!

The sale is scheduled to last until March 28 and covers travel between June 22 and August 11, 2018.

Some examples of the sale:

  • Frankfurt – New York for $2064
  • Prague – Washington DC for $2100
  • Munich – Los Angeles for $2600

In fact, most Business Class fares to the USA, Canada, Latin America, Europe, and Mexico are ranging between $2000 and $3000, making this a fantastic opportunity for summer travel.
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What’s especially nice about this fare sale is that it covers travel in both directions.   Usually a fare sale is targeted towards departures from Europe OR North America.   Though prices from North America are about $100-$300 more than prices for travel that starts in Europe.

The fares are also available for United and Air Canada operated flights, but why go there especially if United may kill your dog…..

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AUSTRIAN Increasing Tel Aviv Service For Summer and Winter Timetables

AUSTRIAN Increasing Tel Aviv Service For Summer and Winter Timetables

Austrian has updated their timetables to reflect increased service to Tel Aviv beginning with this Summer’s schedule that takes effect on March 25.    Austrian is increasing weekly flights from Vienna to 18 for this Summer as compared to only 14 for last summer.

In addition to the bump in Summer frequency, OS will further increase service for Winter 2018/19 to 21 flights per week.

In their comments, Austrian suggested that further increases may be necessary.


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