LUFTHANSA Unveils Update Of New Livery…..But No Decision On Final Version Has Been Made

LUFTHANSA Unveils Update Of New Livery…..But No Decision On Final Version Has Been Made

According to Lufthansa, the 747-400 that landed in Frankfurt yesterday after spending a few weeks in a paint shop is sporting a slightly new look as compared to the new livery released a few months ago.

You may recall that Lufthansa walked back its decision on the new livery after realizing that the blue used in the design was too dark in some environments.

The newly painted D-ABVM flew to Toronto today after rejoining the fleet sporting the new look.    Not only is the Blue of a different tint, the Crane on the tail was enlarged to help identify the airline from a distance.


Lufthansa released the following video showing ‘VM’s arrival in FRA:


Lufthansa did say that this is not necessarily the final version of the new livery, but rather a test sample to see how the aircraft looks under a variety of ‘real world’ environments.


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AUSTRIAN Unveils New Livery!!

AUSTRIAN Unveils New Livery!!

Not to be out done by their German colleagues, Austrian today announced that a new livery will begin to adorn their aircraft as soon as this May.  This comes after only 3 years from their previous livery update.

The new look is a bold departure from the current design found on their aircraft and was specifically designed to be more ‘digital friendly’ so that the new look of Austrian looks good on Social Media platforms, websites, etc.

You’ll notice that the font grows DRAMATICALLY on the side of the aircraft as compared to the current version.    Planespotters will also notice that the tail section of the aircraft becomes bolder because the red on the tail now will come down to cover the very rear of the fuselage.   There will be no mistaking that something is different with the new look.

Here is a before and after look:

a large white airplane on a runway

Sporting the original livery, their 777 arrives from Vienna


a plane flying in the sky

Austrian’s rendering of their new look…..


According to Austrian, it will take 7 years to convert their entire fleet to the new look (same time frame as Lufthansa’s makeover).   The repainting will happen as part of an aircraft’s maintenance schedule. The first aircraft to show off the new look will be one of their 777s, OE-LPF, which will be unveiled with the new look next month.

This new update will also be reflected on airport signage, corporate offices, and anywhere else where Austrian has a presence.
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LUFTHANSA Will Be Tweaking The New Livery

LUFTHANSA Will Be Tweaking The New Livery

Lufthansa has confirmed that it will adjust the new livery after seeing it in action over the past few weeks.

The biggest criticism that most people had was that the Blue on the tail was too dark, and would look black in many cases.    Lufthansa agrees and has decided to modify the Blue to be a lighter color that will reflect as a proper blue in most daylight conditions.

No time frame has been set as Lufthansa wants this update to be the last one for a long time.   I suspect it will be several weeks of trial and error before they settle on the final shade of blue.

When I saw it in Frankfurt, it was fine in direct sunlight, however in any overcast condition, the blue did indeed become very dark and unless you knew the tail was supposed to be blue, it would be easy to mistake it for a black tail.

So when all is said and done, what matters most is that my ‘Herpa’ desktop model of the original, darker new livery has just become an instant collectors item!  🙂