LUFTHANSA Splits Addis Ababa and Jeddah

LUFTHANSA Splits Addis Ababa and Jeddah

Lufthansa has announced beginning with the Winter 2018 season, they will no longer fly Frankurt-Jeddah-Addis Ababa as a single route.  Instead, the 2 cities will now see dedicated service from Frankfurt.    The new non-stop flights are both scheduled to begin on October 28, 2018.

For Addis Ababa, this means that an A340 will fly the route 5 times a week on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (from Frankfurt).   Flight LH598 will depart Frankfurt at 2:10p and arrive in Addis Ababa at 10:55p.    The return flight will operate as LH599 departing Addis Ababa at 12:55a, arriving in Frankfurt at 6:35a.

For Jeddah, an A330 will fly the route daily except for Wednesdays.   Flight 652 will depart Frankfurt at 2:10p, arriving in Jeddah at 9:40p.   Flight LH653 will depart Jeddah at 1:50a, arriving in Frankfurt at 5:45a.


VIDEO Of Lufthansa’s D-ABYA Taking Off From Frankfurt Wearing The New Livery

VIDEO Of Lufthansa’s D-ABYA Taking Off From Frankfurt Wearing The New Livery

On February 8, Lufthansa’s D-ABYA took off from Frankfurt for a day-long tour of German airports to show off the new livery design unveiled by the airline earlier in the week.

I was fortunate enough to be part of a photographer group that received special permission to be on the infield of the airport to catch her taking off.   This video captures the moments that she pulled away from Frankfurt.

As you watch the video, you’ll hear a slighty annoying ‘machine gunning’ noise.    That is my camera’s shutter going off while I was taking pictures.  I had a Go-Pro mounted on my flash-shoe so that I could take photos and capture video at the same time.




Images of D-ABYA’s departure from Frankfurt

Images of D-ABYA’s return to Frankfurt

LUFTHANSA’s D-ABYA Returns To Frankfurt After A Long Day Flying Around Germany…..

LUFTHANSA’s D-ABYA Returns To Frankfurt After A Long Day Flying Around Germany…..

Earlier today Lufthansa’s D-ABYA, a 747-8i, took to the skies for a tour of Germany as she showed off the airline’s new livery design.   After her 9 hour showcase, which included stops or touch and goes at a variety of German airports, she returned to Frankfurt at approximately 5p local time.   Once again, Frankfurt Airport provided an ‘all access’ experience so that I could capture her return.

Unfortunately, the best light of the day was gone, and what was a beautiful day at the beginning, became a hazy and overcast one by sunset.   It was one of the very few things that we actually did not have control of today.

After touchdown, the unexpected bonus came in the form of being able to follow D-ABYA as she taxied off the runway and to her parking spot on the ramp before shutting down for the evening.   It amounted to a fairly high speed chase as we tried to keep up, though she did stop a few times to pose for the perfect photo.   Never before, and perhaps never again, will I be in the kind of position that I was today when it comes to photographing aircraft, so I took full advantage.

Tomorrow, I step aboard D-ABYA for her flight to New York’s JFK along with a Lufthansa crew that will be hosting a ‘Flying Lab’ during the flight that will highlight the new look of the livery as well as go into detail on enhancements that are taking place inside Lufthansa aircraft this year.   You can tune in to the event and watch it live on Lufthansa’s Facebook book page.   The flight is LH400 departing at 10:50a from Frankfurt.

Here’s how the day came to an end….