LUFTHANSA:  New Senator and Business Lounges Set To Open In Boston

LUFTHANSA: New Senator and Business Lounges Set To Open In Boston

In another week or so, Lufthansa will be opening new Senator and Business Lounges at Boston’s Logan Airport (Terminal E).

The new lounge is part of a wider renovation that has been taking place in ‘BOS’ and the new lounges promise to be substantial upgrades over the previous versions.

What will be new is the fact that passengers can now board their flights directly from the lounge, similar to what is in place at airports like Washington Dulles.  So you can see your A350 from your seat in the lounge!

The 6,800 square foot lounge will also introduce a new concept to Lufthansa Lounges which focuses on separate ‘Living Areas’.    For example, this lounge will offer a separate Bar, Bistro, and rest areas.    The view promises to be fantastic as well as the lounge will over look Boston Harbor.

LUFTHANSA Begins Testing Electronic Lounge Access Tech

LUFTHANSA Begins Testing Electronic Lounge Access Tech

Lufthansa has rolled out a new pilot program that will test the the ability of using smartphones and their bluetooth technology as a ‘key’ to gain entry into LH Lounges.

The trial began on October 27 specifically at the BUSINESS CLASS LOUNGE located near gate A26 in Frankfurt.    Passengers who have downloaded the Easy Access app from their respective App Stores will now have the ability to simply tap their phone to a tablet next to the Lounge Entrance and have the doors automatically open.

No longer will passengers have to stay in line outside the lounge while passengers fumble to find their boarding passes or frequent flyer cards.  Nor will they have to wait in that line while the Lounge Attendant explains time and time again to passengers in the line as to why their economy class ticket on Aeroflot doesn’t give them the ability to enter the Lounge.

Remember, the trial ONLY COVERS the Business Class Lounge near Gate A26 in Frankfurt.  Nowhere else at this point.   If the trials go well, I suspect this will be expanded to cover other lounges in the network.

In order for the process to work, you’ll have to install both the Lufthansa app as well as the Easy Access app.   The 2 will coordinate their data and using the bluetooth function on your phone, allow you to communicate with the Tablet at the ‘A26 Lounge’.    You can find both Apps in your App Store by searching for Lufthansa and Easy Access.

I’m not sure why they are going to all the trouble of a separate app and requiring bluetooth technology in order for everything to work.   I would think it would have been a lot easier to use an existing Electronic Boarding Pass that contains the ‘QR Bar Code Square’ that is scanned when boarding a flight.   It seems that it would be easier to have that kind of a scanner at Lounge Door and allow passengers simply to use their Electronic Boarding Pass as the key to the lounge.    After all, it’s what the lounge attendants are currently using when checking in guests.   But as they say in my neighbor, it’s not my circus and it’s not my monkey so I don’t have any insights to the decisions!

At the end of the day, it’s still a far better way to bypass the sometimes long lines when trying to get into a Lounge.

To learn more about this new initiative, please visit


BRUSSELS Unveils New Lounge in ‘BRU’

BRUSSELS Unveils New Lounge in ‘BRU’

Brussels Airlines has opened a newly refreshed Lounge in Terminal B in Brussels.

The new lounge, dubbed ‘The Suite’ offers passengers of Brussels and other Star Alliance member airlines twice as much space as the previous edition of the Terminal B Lounge, with room for up to 160 passengers.     The lounge also draws inspiration from ‘The Loft’, the lounge that ‘SN’ opened in Terminal A back in 2014.    Passengers can enjoy Quiet Rest Areas, a variety of Food Stations, Business Areas as well as a dedicated Reading Area.   For more details, visit Brussels’ dedicated webpage for the new lounge.

The lounge will serve Non-Schengen departures to the United States, Africa, Russia, and the UK among others.    It will be open from 5:00a to 10:15 daily, and is located at the end of the ‘Lounge Corridor’ in Terminal B.

Here is a look at the new lounge (All photos courtesy of Brussels Airlines):






SWISS’ New Zurich Lounges Part III:   The Business Class Lounge

SWISS’ New Zurich Lounges Part III: The Business Class Lounge

In the final ‘installment’ covering the opening of SWISS’ new lounges in Zurich, I’ll take a look inside their Business Class Lounge.    This new lounge, like the FIRST and SENATOR Lounges are located inside the airport’s ‘E’ Concourse.

The Business Lounge is the largest of the 3, covering 13,000 square feet and can hold up to 200 visitors at once.   It makes sense for this lounge to be the biggest, since it is the ‘easiest’ of all the 3 lounges to get in.

Like the SENATOR lounge, the Business Class Lounge offers guests 4 shower rooms as well as an upgraded food service.    Hot foods are prepared fresh in front of guests, and cold buffet offerings are present as well.   A self-serve bar is available as well and guests have access to an outdoor terrace.

Thanks again to VielFliegerTreff’s Ralf (RCS) for sharing his photos…….


Terrace access similar to First Class and Senator lounges


Fresh food prepared in front of you!


Looks better than most Business Lounges that I’ve seen!


Private rest areas



LUFTHANSA To Add 5 New Lounges In Munich

LUFTHANSA To Add 5 New Lounges In Munich

When the new ‘Satellite’ Terminal opens in Munich in April 2016, eligible passengers will have access to 5 new Lounges.   The 5 lounges will comprise of 1 First Class Lounge along with Senator and Business Class lounges in both Schengen and non-Schengen areas.

The First Class lounge will be similar to the other ‘FCL’ in in Munich in that it will have private car service to and from apron parking positions and its own passport control.    As always, passengers will find private ‘bedrooms’, a cigar lounge and a full service restaurant.  The FCL will be located on the top level of the terminal and will be approximately 10,000 square feet in size.

The Senator and Business Lounges will also be similar to their counterparts in the main terminal.   As I mentioned there will be a Senator and Business Lounge in the Schengen area and non Schengen area.    Both lounges will offer private work areas, showers and a central TV area.    These 4 lounges will take up approximately 32,000 square feet.

The lounges will be installed in a manner that will give visitors a wide panoramic view of the tarmac and all 5 Lounges will be located in the center section of the terminal.