LUFTHANSA Provides First Peek At NEW Business Class Seats AND Updates Existing Product!

LUFTHANSA Provides First Peek At NEW Business Class Seats AND Updates Existing Product!

Lufthansa today release their first official photos that unveil the new Business Class concept coming with the new Boeing 777-9 that will be introduced to the fleet in 2020.

The new seat appears to be a dramatic departure from the current version and feature increased privacy and comfort.    Though specific details have yet to be released, the first images look promising.

According to LH, the seats will be designed to offer passengers either more privacy, or more room as far as desk space goes.   Think of the SWISS, Austrian, and Brussels ‘Throne Seat’ when it comes to having more room.

As you’ll see in the photos below, the design will angle SINGLE seats that are positioned for privacy against the fuselage and provide seats in the center of the cabin that have more room to work.

With the 777-9, Lufthansa will have one of it’s widest Business Class cabins ever which make the new seating concept extremely attractive.

Here are the first looks:



In addition to the new seat, Lufthansa also provided an updated on improvements coming to the existing Business Class product we know today.   Beginning in 2018, Lufthansa will be providing mattresses and thicker blankets to increase comfort on long haul flights.    In addition, LH will also be offering ‘Pajamas’ for the first time to Business Class passengers as well.

I’m sure we’ll be hearing more about the new Business Class cabin in the coming weeks and months.

So far, I think I like what I see.


LUFTHANSA Updates 747 Operations Between Frankfurt and Berlin

LUFTHANSA Updates 747 Operations Between Frankfurt and Berlin

In the days following their takeover of most of Air Berlin’s routes, Lufthansa has deployed their 747s on certain flights between Berlin and Frankfurt to help move passengers between hubs.

Initially, plans called for the 747s to stay on the route for certain flights until November 30.   Due to load factors, LH has now extended this strategy to at least December 21, primarily to help manage increased passenger traffic during the Christmas season.

Keep in mind that not ever flight between Frankfurt and Berlin is operated by a 747.  In fact, only 28 flights in total will fly between the 2 cities between December 1 and December 21.  All other flights between the city pair will be operated by A321 aircraft.

Flying ‘Economy’ Aboard A Lufthansa A380 Soon?   Earn Double Miles For Your Effort!

Flying ‘Economy’ Aboard A Lufthansa A380 Soon? Earn Double Miles For Your Effort!

For those of you who are members of Miles & More (MM) and are scheduled to fly in Economy class aboard an A380 between now and January 31, you’ll want to pay attention!

Since October 29, and running through January 31, ‘MM’ members can register for a special Airbus/Lufthansa promo that will give you twice the award miles that you normally would earn on your ticket.    The promo states that you’ll earn miles based on your crediting rate for your fare class.   The multiplier does not apply to your ‘Executive bonus’ that you earn if you are a Frequent Traveler, Senator, or HON Circle member.   You’ll still get your Executive Bonus but those miles do not get the 2x multiplier that this promo offers.

It’s a good deal considering that if you’re flying aboard an A380 you’re flying a fairly long way so the miles credit will be substantial!  As of now, LH sends the A380 from Frankfurt to Bangkok, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New Delhi, San Francisco, Shanghai, and Singapore.

The deal applies to bookings made by December 31, 2017.  You must register in order to qualify and it covers flights taken through January 31.    The promo limits your participation to 8 A380 segments during the bonus period.

Simply visit the LH Promo webpage for the deal to enroll.   You’ll be asked to log into your MM account so have that info ready.

I’m not sure if the credit will apply if you have already flown aboard an A380 since October 29 and haven’t registered for this, but you should still register since miles won’t be credited until 8 weeks after you complete your flight.  You might catch a break and get the miles for flights you’ve already taken.


LUFTHANSA Launches New European Destinations

LUFTHANSA Launches New European Destinations

Lufthansa has updated their timetable to reflect the addition of 5 new destinations that they’ll begin fly to when the Spring/Summer timetable takes effect in late March.

Here are the details:

Frankfurt – Chisinau:

Will begin 1x/day service on March 28.   LH1474 will depart FRA at 9:50a and LH 1475 will depart KIV at 1:20p.    Please note that the return flight on Saturdays will depart KIV at 1:25p.


Frankfurt – Glasgow: 

Will begin 1x/day service on March 26.   LH960 will depart FRA at 2:00p and LH961 will depart GLA at 4:05p.


Frankfurt – Mahon:

Will begin 1x/day service (Saturdays) on April 28.  LH1482 will depart FRA at 3:00p and LH1483 will depart MAH at 18:05.


Frankfurt – Thira:

Will begin 1x/day service (Saturdays) on March 31.   LH1288 will depart FRA at 1:25p and LH1289 will depart JTR at 6:20p.


Munich – Funchal:

Will begin 1x/day service (Saturdays) on March 31.  LH2654 will depart MUC at 8:40a and LH2655 will depart FNC at 12:55.


Looking For Holiday Business Class Fare Deals To Europe On Lufthansa?  Me Too…….

Looking For Holiday Business Class Fare Deals To Europe On Lufthansa? Me Too…….

Thought about heading to Europe during the wonderful Christmas season to experience the Holiday Markets?   Counting on traditionally low Business Class fares from anywhere in the USA to most of Europe during November/December?   Hoping to spend $2500-$3000?

Not Happening This Year!

For some reason, Lufthansa (at least for now) has not offered their typical attractive fare deals to lure Americans to Europe for the Holidays.   For years, I’ve been able to book tickets in Business Class for travel this time of year for as low as $2400 to perhaps as much as $2800.    This year, there’s nothing even close to this price point except for a couple of rare combinations.   One being Houston – Budapest and the other being NYC to Frankfurt.  Otherwise you’re going to be paying $5000-$9000 to fly in Business to Europe to drink your spiced wine.

Hell, for $4100, I flew from Chicago to Johannesburg and back a few weeks ago with SWISS in Business.

In fact, I was looking to book a couple of seats for my wife and I for Thanksgiving Weekend, and the best LH Biz fare I see is $8400 for Chicago – Vienna.    LOT Polish only wants $4000.     Looks like an easy decision for which carrier to chose. But even the ‘LO’ fare is nuts for this time of year!

On LH,  JFK – Munich is $6000 and Washington – Frankfurt is criminal at $9400!!!   At this point, they’re charging First Class prices for Business Class seats.

Oh, and there’s this from when looking at Houston – Budapest.    Those of you familiar with LH gateways within the USA will get a kick out of this… you see what’s wrong with this picture?

Houston to Budapest from $2500, great fare..Only problem is that Lufthansa doesn’t fly from this Houston airport, but their reservation system thinks they do! 🙂   I suspect that you still need to should up at ‘IAH’ to board your flight.


I suspect that with Air Berlin’s demise, LH feels less pressure to compete on price for travel to Europe even though AB hardly had a US presence.   Despite Lufthansa saying that pricing would continue to be competitive even with the lack of competition, it’s obvious that they’re not living up to that commitment and are already passing the impact of AB’s collapse to passengers.

In fact, I’m seeing some Premium Economy fares reaching $2000 from the midwest and east coast which would have been only a few dollars less than Business Fares in previous years.

If any of this changes, I’ll follow up with the info, but with November only days away, we may be out of luck as far as seeing any decent pricing to get from the States to Europe this Holiday Season.