LUFTHANSA’s New Livery Shows Up On First Regional Jet……

LUFTHANSA’s New Livery Shows Up On First Regional Jet……

Late last week, Lufthansa’s first regional jet came out of the paint hangar carrying the new livery.

A Cityline CRJ900, registered as D-ACNM, came back from her scheduled maintenance break and re-entered service at her base in Munich.    Another 37 aircraft are scheduled to be painted by year’s end, including one A380.

I’ll be publishing a schedule later this week showing the current calendar for the repaints.     In most cases, the painting will happen as part of an aircraft’s ‘D’ maintenance check which the most intensive of all the checks that aircraft go through.


The first regional jet carrying the new look.   Photo courtesy of Lufthansa.

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Enter This Weeks FCT Contest To Win A First Class Duck

Enter This Weeks FCT Contest To Win A First Class Duck

Each week, Lufthansa’s First Class Terminal hosts a contest on Twitter that awards the winner a duck from LH’s First Class Services.   The questions are always a bit unique and this week’s version is no different.    Enter by February 21st for your chance to win.

Here’s this week’s question:


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LUFTHANSA And AUSTRIAN Introduce Fee-Based Preferred Zone Seating In Economy

LUFTHANSA And AUSTRIAN Introduce Fee-Based Preferred Zone Seating In Economy

Lufthansa and Austrian are introducing a new concept that will allow Economy Class passengers to choose a seat further forward in the cabin for a nominal fee.

The concept is already in use by SWISS, and allows passengers to choose a seat that is closer to the aircraft’s exit (not exit rows!).    The preferred zone will be behind Premium Economy class on aircraft equipped with “Prem Eco”, and will will be immediately behind Business Class on birds that do not have a Premium Economy section.

The zones will be available on all long haul flights operated by Lufthansa and Austrian.   The fee for the seat will range between €30 and €50 ($37 to 62$).   The price is per segment, and will vary based on the length of the flight.

Passengers will be allowed to start using this new program on February 20 for flights that take place from March 7 and onward.

Miles&More HONs and Senators will continue to be able to choose their seats free of charge.


Meet Lufthansa’s Newest Employee……

Meet Lufthansa’s Newest Employee……

Lufthansa introduced their newest ‘hire’ today in Munich when it unleashed ‘Josie Pepper’ in Terminal 2 to help arriving passengers.    Coming in at just under 4 feet tall, she is Lufthansa’s newest powerhouse designed to help passengers find their way around the ‘airside’ part of Terminal 2.   Whether it’s help finding a lounge, a partcular restaurant, or help in finding a gate, Josie’s sole objective is to make sure passengers get the answers they need.

Josie is an English-speaking marvel designed jointly by Lufthansa and Munich Airport and is their first foray into introducing ‘Artificially Intelligent Robots’ into an airport environment.   For Josie’s first few weeks on the job, she’ll focus primarily on passengers that are transiting between the main terminal and the new satellite terminal.    These first weeks will gauge her effectiveness and will give LH and MUC a chance to gather feedback from the public that interacts with her.

According to LH, ‘Josie’ is not a simple computer that recognizes generic questions and replies with pre-formatted answers.   In fact, she is a product of the IBM Watson platform and is capable of learning as she goes, and can interact with passengers far beyond answering basic questions.    In fact, Josie is expected to get smarter and smarter the longer that she stays on duty in the Terminal.

Here’s a short video courtesy of Munich and Lufthansa that shows Josie in action……


I’d be curious to hear any feedback from anyone that asked her for help…….




LUFTHANSA Making Changes To Onboard Amenity Kits…..

LUFTHANSA Making Changes To Onboard Amenity Kits…..

Over the coming months, pay attention to the inflight / on-board products (Amenity kits, cabin appointments, etc) that will be coming from Lufthansa.   

As part of LH’s ‘5-Star’ strategy everything is being re-evaluated to make sure that they deliver not only a premium passenger experience, but do so in a manner that is conscientious and has a low impact on the environment and world around us.

From what has been shared with me, look for the reduction of plastic wrappers and packaging from items such as Amenity Kits and meal packaging later this year as new kits are introduced.

With Amenity Kits in particular, you will see kits that are more practical than before.   Practical in such a manner that many of these kits will be useful in everyday life.   

During a recent flight from Frankfurt, I had the privilege of spending a significant amount of time talking to Lufthansa’s Senior Directors of Product Development and they made it perfectly clear that our onboard experience will be going through a quantum leap over the next few months as the new Livery spreads throughout the airline.  I was given the opportunity to see a lot of what they’re planning to roll out and what is in development, and I’ll share more of what I have seen once LH gives me the green light to do so.

One of the directors summed it up perfectly as far as environmental awareness is concerned when she suggested that since Lufthansa flies to environmentally sensitive places like the Maldives, Costa Rica and other destinations, it should not be destroying the very environment that passengers are wanting to see and appreciate first hand.

It’s hard to disagree with that kind of sentiment……..