Plane Spotting Munich:  Part III

Plane Spotting Munich: Part III

Part III continues with more of my favorites from Munich.   Having a week in and around the airport gave me the opportunity to get some decent shots on film.    More coming soon……

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United’s N663UA taxis to runway and heads to Newark…..


Air Berlin’s ‘Fan Force One’


Speedbird’s G-MIDS A320


Next stop Warsaw aboard LO’s Embraer 175…..the 600th E-jet made by Embraer

AB's D-ABZK carries a unique 'Test' Livery for different laminate material.

AB’s D-ABZK carries a unique ‘Test’ Livery for different laminate material.


Lufthansa’ A319 displaying her reverse thrust……


Perfect light for this A320…..

Lufthansa's 'KB' A330 carries the special Shark Skin test patches

Lufthansa’s ‘KB’ A330 carries the special Shark Skin test patches


Qatar’s 777 waits enter the runway…..


Russia’s S7 arriving with a touch of smoke….


United 767 glides by Friesing…..

Plane Spotting Munich:  Part II

Plane Spotting Munich: Part II

Following up on Part I, here are some more favorites from my days in Munich watching them come and go.    The views are a mix between the Besucherpark Hill which covers the north runway and a spotting location that is along the southern runway.

More coming soon!

Dublin bound A320

Inbound from Dublin…..

Going somewhere Italian

Going somewhere Italian

Air Europa 737

Air Europa 737

Dubai bound A380

Dubai bound A380

Arriving from Kuwait City.....

Arriving from Kuwait City…..

Looks as though Lufthansa and Icelandair shop in the same paint store.....

Looks as though Lufthansa and Icelandair shop in the same paint store…..

A very clean A320 in sloppy conditions.....

A very clean A320 in sloppy conditions…..

A346 arrival

‘Stuttgart’ comes to Munich….

Lisbon bound A319

Lisbon bound A319

Heading for Kyiv.....

Heading for Kyiv…..

Plane Spotting Munich: Part I

Plane Spotting Munich: Part I

A week ago I was in Munich for a week to participate in the Airbus A350 ‘Roll In’ event and in between gatherings and events, I had the chance to sit on a hill or 2 for a couple of days and catch aircraft coming and going from Munich.  Some spotting was challenging due to bad weather so some photos may be a bit gray and wet, but I suffer for my art! 🙂

Being Germany’s 2nd largest airport, ‘MUC’ is home to a variety of traffic that most people will not see at their home base.    Everything from local ‘LCC’ birds  to exotic African and Mid-Eastern traffic can be spotted on the tarmac, not to mention nearly half the Lufthansa fleet as well!

Not much else to say other than enjoy the photos.   More will be coming in the next few days as I sort through them.



Etihad’s A6-EHL departing for Abu Dhabi


Icelandair’s 757 heading for Reykjavik


Lufthansa’s workhorse, the A320. Saw just a ‘few’ of them…


Another of Etihad’s A346s arriving from Abu Dhabi


Freising sets the perfect background for an arriving Lufthansa A340


Lufthansa’s Special Bayern Munich tribute arriving in poor weather….


The biggest bird in Luxair’s fleet……


United aircraft ruined the shot at Terminal 2


Air Canada does the same at Satellite Terminal 2


First light over ‘EDDM’


Singapore’s 777 9V-SNC heads for Singapore


Thai’s 744 being pull to the gate a few hours before departure…..

LUFTHANSA Brings Back First Class To The Mile High City……

LUFTHANSA Brings Back First Class To The Mile High City……

After removing First Class from flights between Munich and Denver on December 2, 2016, Lufthansa is set to bring back their best cabin to the Rocky Mountain destination.

Beginning on May 1, Lufthansa brings back the A346 on the route which allows for First to be back on the timetable.   Lufthansa currently flies the A333 on the route which does not offer First Class.  Expect this to be in place through at least the Summer timetable.

It would be no surprise if the A350 begins to serve Denver later this year which would once again eliminate First Class since the A350 is not equipped with the ‘F’ cabin.

This change has no impact on the 744 service between Frankfurt and Denver.

What a LUFTHANSA A350 Looks Like When Taking To The Skies……

What a LUFTHANSA A350 Looks Like When Taking To The Skies……

While in Munich last week, I had the opportunity to finally see the A350 in action for myself during on of her training flights that was used to certify cockpit crew for the new Airbus.

After learning about her schedule, I took a chance that she would be be departing from the north runway at Munich so I made sure to be at the ‘Besucherpark’ observation hill well ahead of her departure time.    My gamble paid off and I was offered a front row seat on a perfect day for departures.    The sun was new, and a storm had just cleared the area leaving a perfect balance of light and background to capture the beautiful aircraft.

Not much else to say about it except enjoy the following pictures.   She’ll become more and more common as she enters service next week to Delhi and over the coming months will be joined by 9 other sisters who’ll all be based in ‘MUC’.


The Lady In ‘Blau’

Lufthansa’s A350 debuts a new Economy Cabin