Welcome to the 2012 AIRPORT WORLD CUP. Over the coming days and weeks you’ll be able to cast your votes for several matches that will pit airport against airport until we narrow it down to the overall 2012 AIRPORT WORLD CUP CHAMPION. The field consists of 64 airports ranked by passenger popularity based on the Skytrax Airport Awards. For the first round, there are 32 matches so I will list 4 matches per day in order to complete the 1st round within about a week’s time. Each match will last for 36 hours from time of posting.

Again, a special thanks to MilesQuest for letting me adapt his Airline World Cup Competition concept that saw Cathay Pacific crowned as Champion.

Here is the 2012 AIRPORT WORLD CUP MASTER BRACKET for your reference.

So with out further ado, here is the first set of matches:

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[poll id=”13″]

Should any match result in a tie, a random number generator will be used to decide the winner.