Lufthansa’s Premium Economy Sale comes to an end on February 19.    Some decent prices exist for several destinations throughout Europe.

One of best deals is a $969 offer between Tampa and St. Petersburg Russia.   Otherwise most European destinations from the East Coast range in the $1200-1350 range and the rest of the US to Europe runs anywhere from $1500-1900.    The East Coast fares are the most attractive since they rival economy fares during ‘high’ seasons.

For you money,  you get a better seat, more legroom and an overall better experience than Economy.   I’ve ‘tested’ the Premium Economy seat on flights between Frankfurt and Johannesburg and even after 10 hours each way, had very little to complain about and would do it again.

As far as rules go, departures must take place by March 17,2016 and return travel must be completed by June 17.   Tickets need to be purchased 14 days in advance of departure.   A $60 weekend surcharge may apply for Friday / Saturday / Sunday travel.