In an exciting new catering program by Austrian Airlines (A Lufthansa Group Carrier), passengers booking economy class tickets from Vienna will now have the opportunity to order their in-flight meals from an A-La-Carte menu from DO & CO. Eligible flights include Long Haul and intra-European flights that originate in Vienna (except for flights to Prague, Zagreb, Budapest and Charters). Departures from other Austrian airports are not currently part of the program.

For €15, passengers can now select hot or cold dishes that will replace their normal in-flight meal (For long haul flights, this only replaces your main warm meal). No doubt the a-la-carte menu options will offer better options. More importantly, passengers will now have several choices instead of the “Chicken” versus “Beef” dilemma that most passengers are often faced with.

The a-la-carte order can be placed online up to 36 hours before departure to as late as 1 hour before departure if you use the DO & CO A-La-Carte Desk near Check In Area 3.

The process is simple. All that you need to do is visit the DO & CO A-La-Carte Website, enter the “PNR” code associated with your itinerary and that will take you to your menu options. (If anyone has a current Austrian PNR, I would love to hear what you found on the “other side”) – SEND SCREEN SHOTS! 🙂

DO & CO A-La-Carte Website