Being the wonderful hosts that they are, Lufthansa associates (thanks Anja, Mi-Kyung and Ulrich!) had arranged a private tour of some of their facilities in Frankfurt while I was there to attend their Social Media Workshop. The tour included visits to their Technik Hangar, Engine Shop, Cargo (where I was able to be aboard an MD-11 while loading for it’s trip) and the Flight Simulator/Training Center. Out of respect for their wishes, I can not publish photos from the Engine Shop or Flight Simulator Center, however there were still plenty of great opportunities to take photos inside the enormous Technik Hangar where several aircraft were undergoing flight preparation and routine maintenance.

I had met up with my guide Ulrich at the Lufthansa Aviation Center and we set off on the tour. Once past security and “airside” we entered Lufthansa’s Technik Hangar. This facility is generally used for preparation of aircraft for their flights that day and for routine maintenance and inspections. It was a good day to visit as the Hangar was full of 747-400’s and A340-600’s. The idea of being “A kid in a candy store” came to mind, and even that would not do justice to how I felt!

As part of the tour I was given free access to explore the hangar and ask any questions. The fact that Ulrich is a retired Lufthansa 747-400 captain made it that much more enjoyable since he has a genuine passion for flying and aircraft. His insights during the tour were wonderful as demonstrated by the extended amount of time we spent sitting and talking in the 747-400’s cockpit. Having a pilot share his experiences from a career that spanned 3 decades was a great experience for me. The fact that he knew nearly everyone in the hangar was a huge plus as well!

Quiet on the outside, but full of 747’s and A340’s on the inside…….

Rare view of an open Emergency Exit on the upper deck of a 747-400

Looking over towards another 747-400

Up close to an A340-600

The A340’s Crew Rest area located on the lower level in the rear of the aircraft

A340’s Galley below the main deck — Elevators are used to bring the carts into the main cabin.

Top of the steps at the 747-400’s main door

An A340 at the other end of the Hangar

Beneath the wing of an A340-600

A340 being prepared for a flight later in the day

An opened Emergency Hatch in the 747-400’s cockpit.

The cockpit of the 747-400

Wall to wall “Heavies”

A 747-400’s wing as seen through the Emergency Exit

747-400’s crew rest area located above the main deck

The Crane looks great under a ray of sunshine!