Over the past few days, I’ve started the daunting task of organizing my planespotting photos. After consolidating all my files, directories, sub directories, flash drives, external drives, etc, etc, I’ve come to realize that I have 6200 photos. The next step is to sort by Airline, then aircraft type, then tail number, then location and date of sighting and ultimately come up with an index of my photos. I have to thank digital photography. This would not have been possible 15-20 years ago with traditional film. To have the collection that I have today, it would have taken me approximately 172 rolls of film. Factor in film development costs, planespotting would have cost me a fortune. Perhaps one day I’ll set up a website that will be a gallery of all my photos, like my own Airliners.net or Planespotters.com. But I digress.

My first project was to sort through and organize my 2000+ Lufthansa photos. I’m no where near done with their final sort, but I did scan through all of them and “set aside” some of my favorites that I’ve included here. Being that 95% of my travel either takes me to or through Germany, it’s easy to see why there are so many LH pictures. Not all of them are perfect (actually no photo can ever be perfect!), but I think I’ve done a fairly reasonable job in capturing some decent shots of some great aircraft.

An A340 arrives in Los Angeles in the late afternoon

A 747-400 leaves Los Angeles bound for Frankfurt

A 747 parked in Frankfurt

Lufthansa's 747's usually dominate Frankfurt's landscape

A 747-400 leaves LAX and heads to Frankfurt - Coming soon the 747-8i!

The beautiful 747-400 continues climbing out from Los Angeles

An A380 lands in Houston (IAH) after a thunderstorm

The same A380 taxis to her gate at Houston

A 747 arrives in Frankfurt on an overcast morning

An Airbus A321 gets ready to taxi to a Frankfurt runway

An A330 arrives in Frankfurt (this specific plane once hit a United Express Jet and flew without one of her winglets!)

Airbus A321 arriving in Frankfurt

This A320 is arriving in Istanbul and would take us to Munich

This A319 would take us from London to Frankfurt

An A340 approaches her gate in Frankfurt

Another 747-400 in Frankfurt

Up close to an A330 in Frankfurt

An A330 in Frankfurt right before we boarded and flew to Detroit

The rare "Star Alliance" liveried A340 in Frankfurt

Another A340 taxis for take off in Frankfurt

An A380 parked in her hangar in Frankfurt

An A380 arriving in Frankfurt

An A321 heads for the runway in Frankfurt

An A380 pushes back from her gate in Frankfurt

A beautiful Retro Livery

Up close to an A340's starboard engines.

An A380 at her gate in Frankfurt

An A320 arriving at Munich

The same A320 in Munich

Parked in a hangar in Munich

Routine engine service in a spotless Munich Technic Hangar

Beneath the belly of a San Francisco bound A340

An A340 taxis to the runway at Munich

Up close to an A340's tail at Munich

An A340 at her gate in Munich

A happy passenger from Dusseldorf to Chicago

Right after deplaning in Frankfurt (from London)

The 747-8i is pushed back, ready for her inaugural flight

Lufthansa's New 747-8i sets to leave on her inaugural flight

The 747-8i seconds before taking off for Washington DC

One of Lufthansa Cargo's MD11s parked in Frankfurt

An A340 parked at her gate in Munich

The 747-8i in Washington DC a few minutes after I arrived. A fitting gate number!!

The 747-8i parked at her gate in Washington DC (IAD)