A bit off topic on this Easter Sunday, but something that I thought to share.

My wife and I have always been “dog” people and have always had a dog or 2 in our “pack”. We had 2 Jack Russell Terriers until one of them, Rocky, lost a battle to cancer almost 2 years ago. That left us with Torre to be the head hound of the household but we always missed having that extra set of 4 legs running around the house and no doubt Torre missed having a playmate.

That ends this week….

My wife has been eyeing local rescue shelters over the last several weeks and had come across a pooch that we just could not say no to. She discovered another Jack Russell Terrier, but one who’s story would break almost anyone’s heart. She was discovered under a bridge on a cold winter night in January here in Grand Rapids, pregnant with puppies. The person who discovered her brought her to the “pound” who indicated that she would be euthanized because she was a pregnant stray. From there, a rescue shelter was notified and she was taken there so that she can give birth to her pups.

This is where we found her. Her pups have all been spoken for, and are days away from finishing their weaning. This left the mother unspoken for and our fear was that she would go with out a home or meet with an even worse fate. The shelter estimates her to be about 14 months old. Up until now she seems to have led a very rough early part of her life but this is about to change. The way I look at it, this young pup has won the canine version of MegaMillions and will have a great home going forward.

We decided to name her “Zorka” after the dog that had lived on our family’s farm in Slovakia for over 24 years. Hopefully our Zorka will have the same longevity!

Here are a couple of pictures of Zorka from our recent trip to the shelter: