Today’s eclipse that covered virtually the entire United States no doubt was an amazing spectacle to observe, and there are literally thousands if not millions of different perspectives that took place today.

For me, the perspective was from Michigan where we observed 81% totality.   I didn’t want to take the chance of traveling to an area where there would be complete totality only to be shut out by the weather.   In fact, about a 1/3rd of the path of totality was obscured with overcast conditions.   Several friends made the trek and some came away not seeing the eclipse.   I can at least say I finally saw one, if only part of it.

Though my photos may not be like so many others that are better due to the fact they had a better view of the eclipse, I can’t say that I’m unhappy with the results that I had from simply standing in my yard with tripod and camera doing the work.

So here is how I saw the eclipse today:

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Totality in Grand Rapids, Michigan (81%) at 2:22p