As part of their earnings report issued this week, EADS, the parent company of Airbus indicated that repairs to fix the widespread wing crack issues with the A380 will set the company back $107 million Euro. This will cover the repairs to approximately 100 aircraft, of which 69 are currently in service.

EADS in their disclosures identified the problem as an engineering error and not one associated with the assembly of the wing structure. According to EADS, they expect to have the situation permanently rectified by this summer. As it stands now, aircraft approaching 1300 flights are the ones being prioritized for the repairs.

Current operators of the A380 included Emirates with 20, Singapore has 20, Qantas has 12, Lufthansa has 8, Air France has 6, Korean Air has 5 and China Southern uses 2.

In related news from Emirates, they have suggested that they will seek compensation from EADS/Airbus for disruption to service and loss of revenue due to the service interruptions caused by the A380’s issues.