We’ve all seen it. All you can eat buffets, all you can eat fish fries, etc. The list goes on.

However, the concept of All You Can Eat has now been adapted to All You Can Fly.

Yesterday, SurfAir has announced that it will begin operations this summer with a monthly “All You Can Fly Fare” between Calfornia’s Palo Alto, Monterey, Santa Barbara and Los Angeles. Fares have been indicated to begin as low as $790.00/month which allows you to have 2 reservations at a time and go as high as $1490/month which allows you to have 6 reservations at a time.

The airline plans to exclusively use Pilatus PC-12NG aircraft for the routes. The PC-12NG are turbine powered single engine aircraft that can carry a maximum of 9 people.

Surf Air is waiting for regulatory approvals before starting this new endeavor. Seems to me like its a hybrid of fractional ownership (e.g. Netjets) and charter operations. At first glance, it looks like a decent solution for those that fly betwee these cities repetitively. Though the track record on these kind of start-ups succeeding over time tends to stack the odds against them.