In comments made today by Homeland Secretary John Kelly, it appears that not only is an electronics ban imminent, it may extend beyond the original expectation of the ban.

As recently as last week, a group of security leaders and airline officials from several countries had apparently tabled the idea of expanding the electronics ban on flights originating from Europe.   Amazing that in a week we can go from “The Idea Is Tabled” to the potential ban being worse than initially advertised.

But now, not only does it appear imminent that a ban on electronics will happen in the not too distant future, it very well may cover flights that originate from the USA.

In his comments Kelly did not commit to the idea nor did he deny the possibility.  In fact he was quoted as saying “No, they didn’t misread me” when asked about his thoughts and willingness to include flights from the USA in any ban.    What was not mentioned was how far reaching the ban would be and if it would extend beyond just flights to Europe.